YuMOVE Offers Joint Health Tips to Keep Service Dogs Moving During National Service Dog Month in September

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — September is National Service Dog Month, the time of year to show love and appreciation for the wonderful work of service dogs. YuMOVE, a high-quality joint supplement for dogs and the American Kennel Club’s official dog joint supplement, offers these joint health tips to help service dogs stay moving.

About Service Dogs
Dogs are good for the soul. They motivate, make owners more fit and bring individuals joy at their lowest moments. Service dogs do all this and provide specific, round-the-clock support to people with disabilities.

Service dogs go through intense training from puppyhood to be able to perform tasks for their partners that they may find difficult. For example, guide dogs learn to help visually impaired people, while medical alert dogs assist people with illnesses like diabetes or epilepsy. These dogs can learn to listen for their deaf partners, detect low blood sugar or incoming seizures, and other life-saving skills.

Service dogs are on the move most of the day, whether running errands with their parents or providing support around their homes. They often carry heavier loads, like shopping bags, or use their bodies to give deep pressure therapy to their parents. Their bodies, particularly their joints, need support to make sure they can keep working with their partners.

It’s important to look for signs of stiffness in service dogs. Are they lagging or reluctant to walk? Do they find it tricky to climb the stairs or jump on the couch when they used to? These can all point to joint stiffness.

Joint Health Tips for Service Dogs

  • Relax Regularly – Service dogs are highly active and exercise a lot. Regular low-impact exercise is important when helping to support a dog’s joint health. However, without breaks and relaxation, it can be detrimental. This may be hard to do with a service dog as they’re on duty most of the day. A good way to get a service dog to relax is when their partner is enjoying some downtown time.

  • Provide Joint Supplements – This is a helpful way to support a dog’s joint health, as joint supplements are designed to ease occasional joint stiffness and help support joint structure and promote mobility. Joint supplements can be an easy way to support a service dog’s joints while they’re working, as they can be given daily with food or as a tasty treat.

  • Consider Alternative Therapies – The following therapies can be helpful for service dogs, as they’re designed to strengthen muscles and ease the load on joints, so they’ll be able to work with their partners longer. They should be performed under the care or supervision of a professional veterinary therapist.

  • Physiotherapy – involves exercises, massage and stretches that specifically target the joints and muscles. The aim is to help a dog’s range of motion, stress levels and joint stiffness.

  • Hydrotherapy – involves dogs swimming or walking in water to promote fitness and mobility and ease stiff joints. The water takes the pressure off the dog’s joints and allows them to move easily and provides resistance to strengthen their muscles.

YuMOVE, the UK’s #1 vet-recommended joint supplement brand1, already supports over two million dogs a year globally2. For years, YuMOVE has been providing a high-quality dog joint supplement that’s scientifically proven to work in just six weeks.³ There’s also a 6-Week Money-Back Guarantee4, if not satisfied.

YuMOVE offers a wide range of triple-action joint supplements for dogs, for key life stages. YuMOVE’s supplements include high-quality ingredients like its very own ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel, which has a special blend of Omega-3s to help ease occasional joint stiffness and support mobility.

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1Kynetec VetTrak April 2023. Sales of YuMOVE branded joint products through veterinary wholesalers.
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3YuMOVE Joint Care is scientifically proven to work in 6 weeks by an in vivo, double blind, placebo-controlled, objectively measured canine clinical study by the Royal Veterinary College, UK (excluding YuMOVE for Young Dogs.)
For full terms/conditions see yumove.com/guarantee.

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