WYBOTICS.CO., LTD Expands to Europe, Introducing the Advanced WYBOT C1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

The launch of WYBOT in Europe brings a revolutionary, intelligent solution for pool cleaning enthusiasts.

LYON, France, July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — WYBOTICS.CO., LTD, a pioneer in developing swimming pool cleaning robots since 2005, proudly announces its entry into the European market along with the launch of its WYBOT C1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner. The new WYBOT C1 marks a significant milestone for the company, offering European customers an innovative, efficient, and fun solution for maintaining their swimming pools.

WYBOTICS has a long-standing commitment to making pool maintenance simple, efficient, and cost-effective. The company’s advanced pool-cleaning robots ensure that pool enthusiasts can enjoy clean, clear water without the hassle of manual labor. The WYBOT C1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is the latest addition to their impressive lineup, designed to handle various cleaning tasks with precision and ease.

Efficient Cleaning
The WYBOT C1 is equipped with an upgraded independent water pump motor, achieving a maximum filtration rate of 2642 GPH. Dual PVC brushes provide a strong grip, effectively removing debris, sand, leaves, and tough dirt from all pool surfaces. This ensures a thoroughly clean and crystal-clear pool, enhancing the swimming experience. The WYBOT C1’s powerful suction allows it to tackle even the most stubborn dirt, providing a pristine environment for swimmers.

Comprehensive Pool Coverage
The WYBOT C1 offers versatile cleaning modes, efficiently tackling pool floors, walls, and waterlines. In its default mode, the cleaner starts with wall cleaning before moving on to a deep pool floor clean. This intelligent allocation of cleaning time guarantees comprehensive pool coverage. The device’s smart navigation technology ensures that every inch of the pool is cleaned methodically, leaving no spot untouched.

Extended Run Time
With a long battery life, the WYBOT C1 can operate continuously for 120-150 minutes. Its rapid charging capability ensures it is ready for the next cleaning session in approximately three hours. This robotic pool cleaner is designed for in-ground swimming pools up to 65 feet and a water depth of 9.8 feet. The extended run time allows for uninterrupted cleaning sessions, ensuring the pool is always ready for use.

Intelligent Navigation
Equipped with advanced sensors and gyroscopes, the WYBOT C1 maps and navigates the pool with unmatched precision. It offers two types of path planning: cross-path floor cleaning and a regular wall-climbing path. This results in methodical coverage with fewer missed spots, ensuring maximum efficiency. The intelligent navigation system adapts to the pool’s shape and size, optimizing the cleaning process for any pool configuration.

Easy Maintenance
The WYBOT C1 features large top-load filter cartridges with superior filtering abilities that trap and lock in debris for optimal cleaning. Cleaning the filters is simple: open the front cover, remove the filter basket, and rinse it with a garden hose. The easy maintenance design ensures that the WYBOT C1 remains in top working condition with minimal effort, providing reliable performance over time.

User-Friendly Features
The WYBOT C1 includes a cycle timer that allows users to specify cleaning frequency up to four times in seven days. It also boasts triple-motor power, extra floating parts for efficient cleaning, and an intelligent self-parking system for easy retrieval. Additionally, the WYBOT C1 has a hassle-free service guarantee, offering a 30-day return period and a 2-year warranty. These user-friendly features make pool maintenance convenient and hassle-free for owners.

“We bring the coolest and smartest pool cleaning robots to our customers. We want the pool cleaning robot to be more than just an efficient cleaning tool; we want to make the process more fun, and our goal is to make the pool cleaning robot truly smart,” commented the WYBOT team. This commitment to innovation and user experience drives WYBOTICS.CO., LTD to continuously improve its products, setting new standards in the industry.

Over nearly two decades, WYBOTICS.CO., LTD has established itself as a leader in the swimming pool robot industry. The company prides itself on craftsmanship and technological innovation, with a dedicated R&D laboratory that brings together top designers and engineers from around the world. The new WYBOT C1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner exemplifies this dedication to excellence, combining cutting-edge technology with practical functionality. The company’s legacy of excellence is built on a foundation of continuous improvement and a deep understanding of customer needs.

For more information, visit https://www.eu.wybotpool.com and check out or order the WYBOT C1 at https://www.eu.wybotpool.com/products/wybot-c1-cordless-robotic-pool-cleaner.

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