Western Men Are Turning Away From Western Women

VALENCIA, Spain, July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s dating landscape, many American men are turning to international matchmaking in hopes of finding love. Heart Rocket International Matchmakers, co-founded by matchmakers and relationship coaches Stryker Joyce and Luba Seleznova, has led this movement for over 16 years. With their extensive experience in matching and coaching international relationships, they help men navigate the cultural divide and form meaningful connections with women worldwide.

Navigating the Western Dating Confusion
There has been a surge in Western men seeking relationships outside their home countries in recent years. The instability and confusion in the Western dating scene have left many men bewildered and frustrated. They are bombarded with conflicting messages: on one hand, women express discomfort when approached for dates, while on the other hand, they criticize men for not taking the initiative. This dichotomy leaves men, who are inclined to be providers and protectors, struggling to navigate their roles and understand what is expected of them.

“Western men are increasingly uncertain about their roles in relationships,” explains New Zealander Stryker Joyce. “Their desire to care for and support a partner, the same as what their parents or grandparents had, is often misunderstood or unappreciated in the current dating climate. Feminism, once a quest for equality, has become a vehicle to deliver the message that men are no longer needed. As a result, many men have given up even trying.”

Shifting Perceptions
What was once seen as something only “desperate, unrealistic old men” did in their search for a “mail order bride” has now become mainstream and accepted as the “last option left.” Successful men, who don’t have the time or patience to navigate the mixed messages from Western women, are turning to international matchmakers as a viable and fulfilling option to create the family they want.

Why Western Men Turn to International Matchmaking
Successful men, in particular, are cautious about how they invest their time and money, especially in relationships. They seek cultures where traditional values and chivalry are appreciated and expected. They want to pay for dinner, open the car door, and help her with her chair. This has led many to explore romantic opportunities in regions like South America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe, where women value and seek out men who exhibit these qualities because that is what they are used to.

“Men are looking for environments where their efforts are appreciated and valued,” says Ukrainian matchmaker Luba Seleznova. “In many countries, the cultural norms align more closely with their instincts to provide and protect and have that chivalrous mindset, making these international relationships deeply fulfilling and appreciated by both the man and the woman.”

Success Stories
Over the years, Heart Rocket has facilitated countless successful international relationships. Clients have found love and companionship that transcends cultural boundaries, leading to fulfilling and lasting relationships.

“I was skeptical that something like this would work for me. But the experience blew away my expectations, and I would recommend it to anyone. My Nataliia is intelligent, sweet, loving, and looks like she walked off of a magazine cover,” shares past client Brian on Trustpilot. “She lives with me now in California, and I’m so happy we’re building a life together.”

Heart Rocket International Matchmakers continues to bridge cultures and create lasting love stories. By helping Western men find compatible partners in cultures that value traditional relationship roles, Luba Seleznova and Stryker Joyce are making a significant impact on their clients’ lives.

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