Wedding Planning Assistant Update Innovative Seating Chart Builder

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wedding Planning Assistant, the unique software designed to support the global wedding community, has unveiled an update for its innovative seating chart builder. Developed from direct feedback from existing users, the update is packed with a host of new assets designed to make wedding planning easier than ever.

Organizing a wedding can be a complex and challenging time. From finding a venue, deciding on invite lists, hiring caters, and sorting seating plans, creating your dream day can be very stressful. Launched in 2019, Wedding Planning Assistant is the pioneering free service for newlyweds to be and wedding professionals alike.

Created to support the efforts of professional wedding planners and individuals, Wedding Planning Assistant has been designed to make planning the perfect day easier and more productive for everyone. Working as a one-stop-shop, brides, grooms, and professionals can collaborate in real-time, easily sharing information and project data with ease.

Packed with useful tools, one of the most beneficial is the ability to create a guest list, whereby you can mark which party they belong with, dietary requirements, and preferences. Users can also create customizable links that allow guests to RSVP directly, reducing the stress and time of collating responses. Wedding Planning Assistant also provides a comprehensive checklist, budget tracker, and event itinerary to ensure users never lose track of their planning.

For many newlyweds to be, finding the right vendors or organizing a venue can be a challenge. That is why Wedding Planning Assistant offers search tools to ensure couples can discover the very best businesses and venues to choose from. The innovative software also allows couples to create the perfect layout of their ceremony and reception.

Following thorough feedback from users, the team behind Wedding Planning Assistant is excited to be launching an updated version that includes a revised seating chart builder, one of the most popular and used features. These powerful tools allow users to accurately prepare for their big day, ensuring they are able to visualize their table arrangements and seating plan. This can then be downloaded as a PDF, ensuring you can print it out on your big day and use it as a guide for guests.

To help users enjoy the smoothest experience possible, Wedding Planning Assistant also allows users to create and print their own name and table cards. Users can even create custom menus for their reception, ensuring that no matter guests’ dietary requirements, couples will always be able to enjoy the perfect menu for their big day.

The new updated software is available now, and Wedding Planning Assistant is encouraging wedding professionals to join their growing community. This group allows businesses to expand their reach, connecting with a huge array of newlyweds-to-be.

Speaking on the launch of the updated software, Vadim Kudriavtcev, Founder of Wedding Planning Assistant, added, "Since we launched Wedding Planning Assistant, we have been amazed with the feedback that we have received from both couples and professionals alike. Our team all know first-hand the challenges of organizing our wedding, which is why our mission is to help reduce the stress and pressure of creating the perfect day.

Our completely free software helps to ensure that users are able to track their entire planning process, and our latest additions help to enhance this experience even further."

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