URGENT UPDATE: GCM Offers New Statement from Afghanistan’s Underground Church

KABUL, Afghanistan, Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global Catalytic Ministries, a unique nonprofit organization run mostly by nationals and former Muslims, provides the below first-hand ground report from Afghanistan’s Underground Church.

"Our people are on the move; running from house to house and city to city to avoid getting caught. Unfortunately, many Afghans are calling out the location of people in hiding to gain favor with the Taliban. The situation is dire for our people as they are witnessing women and girls being taken from their homes as prizes for the Taliban and being raped. The streets of Kabul are nearly empty. There are NO women or girls walking around, Afghans are no longer wearing western clothes, and leaders have been stopped at the borders by the Taliban. Even though our leaders have been threatened, not one has been hurt or killed.

There are thousands of people inside the airport grounds attempting to get out. Thousands more have flooded the outside gates causing chaos on the ground. Many are being beaten, whipped, and shot by Taliban thugs. Isis killers are now joining the ranks of the Taliban, ignoring their differences until all infidels are caught, tortured, and killed. They have names of people who have converted to Christianity and are aggressively searching them out. These Christians are not afraid to die, but want their children to live and live free. The resources are there, courage is on a dramatic rise, and the will is strong, but chaos and evil have been waiting for this moment. 

For the first 300 years of the church, persecution was an expectation not the exception for every follower of Jesus. Afghanistan didn’t suddenly become dangerous for Christians; it’s always been dangerous. This crisis, however, has put a global spotlight on what has been the normal Christian experience for believers in Muslim nations. Yet the underground church continues to thrive, though the problems are dire and the outcome seems grim. We carry the unrivaled hope of the Gospel that continues to prove what our enemies intend for evil will always work for our good and God’s glory. Where governments, politics, and military efforts have failed, the Kingdom of God will flourish and the Gospel will advance. God does His greatest work in our darkest hour."

Pastor X, Underground Leader


  • Pray for the sake of others that he would part the skies and open the path to safety.
  • Pray that He would blind the Taliban for leaders to operate without detection. It will take Divine Providence and true miracles. (John 8:59) 
  • Fast and pray for miracles for those we are trying to save. (Luke 18:27) 
  • Pray for those fleeing to the hills to be protected (Psalm 73, Psalm 91)
  • Pray for miraculous protection for women and children being forcibly taken and those that have already been taken for their protection, salvation, and deliverance. (2 Thessalonians 3:1-5)

"I have been praying that the believers will be supernaturally hidden..the bride of Christ will be immeasurably strengthened…the Taliban will receive dreams and visions from the one true LIVING GOD who sees all things. HALLELUJAH!"

"Praying for you to have help, needs met, safety, and angels around you to keep you safe. You are not alone. The body of Christ is standing with you!"

Our goal was to raise $500,000 by September 11. As of August 24, we have raised $1,869,624 from 6,683 donors! Due to our extensive network and years of investing into Afghanistan, we have trusted leaders and multiple options to deliver these goods and operations in and out of the country. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to Afghanistan for relief efforts. Get involved today.


Global Catalytic Ministries is a nonprofit organization. This unique, groundbreaking ministry is carried out almost entirely by nationals and former Muslims—some of whom were even terrorists, and are making disciples where no one wants to. Since 2011, GCM has served in two of the most dangerous countries in the world for Christians. These countries have the fastest growing movement of Christianity in the world, as featured in the documentary films Sheep Among Wolves I & II.



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SOURCE Global Catalytic Ministries