Upgraded Points Reveals the Best Day of the Week To Book a Flight by Airline

AUSTIN, Texas, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A new study by Upgraded Points answers an age-old question – are some flights cheaper depending on the day you book?

“Long held to be a myth, it turns out that there actually is a best day to book a flight if you want to save money,” said Keri Stooksbury, editor-in-chief of Upgraded Points. “Knowing this will help maximize your travel savings while making informed choices that are both practical and budget-friendly for everyone.”

Study Methodology

To identify the most expensive days to book flights, the study collected Google Flights data daily for four consecutive weeks, analyzing over 44,000 one-way economy fares across 10 of the busiest domestic flight routes in the nation. Each ticket price was recorded three to four weeks in advance on the same weekday to eliminate any time-based bias and ensure consistent comparisons. To calculate the average cost of a plane ticket by day of the week, all flight costs were averaged for that day.

Day-by-Day Airfare Trends: The Best Booking Days for Major U.S. Airways

  • American Airlines: Consistency is key with American, where the average flight cost is $279. Thursdays top the price chart at $285.60, but waiting until Friday offers some savings, dropping to $271.85.
  • Delta Air Lines: Delta shows a unique pricing pattern where Thursday ($181.05) offers savings over Friday ($216.67), suggesting a strategic booking opportunity for cost-conscious travelers who time it right.
  • JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines Early-Week Wins: For those flying JetBlue or Spirit, early-week bookings are the best budget choice. Prices surge towards the weekend, with JetBlue seeing a $50 increase from Monday to Friday and Spirit flights costing around $30 more on Saturdays compared to Mondays.
  • United Airlines Midweek Savings: United presents a mixed bag of pricing, with the highest rates seen on Thursday ($299.47) and Friday ($298.36). However, booking on Sunday ($281.66), Monday ($283.63), or Wednesday ($284.22) can lead to notable savings, making midweek and Sunday the most economical options.

Best Days to Book for Budget-Friendly Flight Costs

  • Weekend Wallet Woes: Booking flights at the week’s end can hit the wallet hard. Saturdays see the highest average ticket price at $241.61, with Fridays close behind at $238.47.
  • No Sunday Scaries: Contrary to its weekend counterparts, booking on a Sunday offers a price closer to the weekly average, at $224.66.
  • Midweek Moderation: As the week progresses, flight prices start to moderate. Wednesday and Thursday bookings cost an average of $222.76 and $222.21, respectively, providing a slight savings compared to the overall average.
  • Early Week Wins: For the thriftiest airfare, aim for the start of the week. Monday bookings average $213.44, while Tuesday, the most economical day, dips slightly lower to $213.31, making it the best day for budget-conscious travelers.

For a detailed look at each airline studied, which airline had the most consistent pricing, and more, please visit the full study.

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