Unfunded’s New Campaign Helps Empower Individuals to Transform Education: Uplifting Communities, One School at a Time

DENVER, Jan. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a world where daunting global challenges seem insurmountable, Unfunded is on a mission to shift the narrative of personal power. With growing concerns about U.S. education budget cuts and underfunding in schools, Unfunded recently launched a new initiative to highlight the positive impact of local contributions, while encouraging people to give back as a way to increase their own good karma, good health, and community connections.

“Starting small, starting local – that’s the way to go,” said Vaishali McCarthy, Unfunded founder. “Our public education system is at a crossroads. Budget cuts threaten to deepen the inequity and disparities within our schools, ultimately impacting our most vulnerable communities. That’s been true for a long time now. But we can’t rely on the federal government, or even the state governments to help. It’s time we act ourselves and make a difference.”

Education funding in the United States has historically relied on state and local resources, with federal funding playing a very limited role. Recent budget proposals have raised questions about the equity and adequacy of funding, particularly in high-poverty areas serving a diverse student population.

The “Uplifting Communities, One School at a Time” initiative aims to shed light on the power of giving within each person’s own community. While ongoing global challenges may seem overwhelming – including wars, climate change, and other monolithic events – Unfunded’s efforts instead emphasize the localized power-for-good that individuals can leverage themselves in each neighborhood.

Studies show that giving has numerous physical and mental health benefits, from lower blood pressure to a longer lifespan. Psychologist Dr. Susan Albers explained the science behind the benefits of giving: “When we do things for other people, it makes us feel much more engaged and joyful. That’s good for our health and our happiness.”

Unfunded’s platform empowers communities, local governments, and PTAs to fund specific projects, bypassing bureaucratic delays and ensuring direct support for schools in need. Every contribution, whether through volunteering, donating, or fundraising, can create a ripple effect of positive change.

“We believe in the power of local contributions,” McCarthy said. “It’s about more than just improving school infrastructure – it’s about fostering dignity, equality, and a brighter future for our whole society. And that includes all of us.”

Unfunded is currently inviting communities, philanthropists, and local businesses to step up and contribute to the cause. One ongoing Unfunded campaign aims to build a playground for a school in Iowa – showcasing the tangible impact of local giving.

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About Unfunded

Founded by Vaishali McCarthy, licensed architect and board member of the Colorado Department of Education, Unfunded is an innovative online platform dedicated to addressing the chronic underfunding of U.S. public school infrastructure. Unfunded unites communities in need and connects schools with donors, facilitating impactful change in educational environments across the nation. Unfunded is committed to transforming education funding through community-driven initiatives. Learn more at: www.un-funded.com.

*Mental health benefits and school funding facts sourced from: Cleveland Clinic and the Economic Policy Institute.

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