Unfunded Supports Grassroots Solutions for Biden-Harris School Infrastructure Shortfalls – Calls for Targeted Community Action

DENVER, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a monumental effort to rebuild America, the Biden-Harris Administration has channeled over $220 billion so far into infrastructure projects across the nation, starting in 2022 and moving well into 2023*. Despite their scale, these investments often manifest as complex loans/grants and sluggish promises, failing to meet the immediate needs of many areas like critically underfunded schools. Unfunded aims to be a missing piece of this national puzzle, addressing gaps in infrastructure funding where federal efforts have yet to reach.

“We recognize the Administration’s steps, but the national school situation requires more than just cosmetic fixes or HVAC/energy tech upgrades in deteriorating buildings,” said Vaishali McCarthy, Unfunded founder. “We’re talking about basic necessities like stable buildings, clean air, safe water, educational tools, recess equipment, along with attractive environments conducive to learning. Schools are already in session and they can’t afford to wait around on DOE and USDA promises of loans and grants that can’t possibly cover every issue.”

Unfunded: Localizing the Infrastructure Divide

While the Biden-Harris Administration has allocated unprecedented funding for infrastructure, these funds are not a cure-all. Local governments, school boards, PTAs, and other organizations have to support efforts that are working to meet immediate needs. Unfunded zeroes in on schools’ specific needs, complementing governmental initiatives with community-centered projects that offer immediate relief – serving as a crucial safety net regardless of the affluence of the districts represented.

“As a nation, we’ve delayed addressing these critical infrastructure issues for too long, and now we’re facing the consequences,” said McCarthy. “Federal help is certainly welcome but these initiatives often take a shotgun approach, hoping to hit as many targets as possible – not to mention the bureaucracy involved or the often inverted political priorities about who gets the money, and when. What we’re doing is more of a targeted approach: precision-guided funding that ensures impactful change where it’s needed most.”

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*Info sourced from Whitehouse.gov Fact Sheets: The Biden-Harris Action Plan for Building Better School Infrastructure and Biden-Harris Administration Kicks off Infrastructure Week….

About Unfunded

Founded by Vaishali McCarthy, licensed architect and board member of the Colorado Department of Education, Unfunded is an innovative online platform dedicated to addressing the chronic underfunding of U.S. public school infrastructure. Unfunded unites communities in need and connects schools with donors, facilitating impactful change in educational environments across the nation. Learn more at: www.un-funded.com.

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