TruColour Bandages® Continues to Set Benchmark with PFAS-Free Products, Amid Growing Industry Safety Concerns

“Inclusion since inception: Bandages that match the color of your skin, while also safe and environmentally responsible.”

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Amidst alarming revelations from a recent study conducted at Carnegie Mellon, TruColour Bandages continues to distinguish itself by offering a whole range of PFAS-free wound care solutions. As litigation continues against industry giants for their use of harmful “forever chemicals,” TruColour’s commitment to non-toxic, inclusive products becomes more vital than ever – safeguarding consumer health and upholding environmental standards.

We always suspected that PFAS compounds were in use by some bandage brands, but this recent study is shocking – showing just how pervasive PFAS use is,” said Mason Duling, Co-Owner of TruColour. “These so-called ‘forever chemicals’ – because they never go away and take thousands of years to break down in the environment – are linked to a host of serious health issues including cancer, immune system disruptions, and developmental problems in children. This makes the choice of wound care products now more crucial than ever.” 

Recent independent studies conducted by reputable sources like Mamavation highlighted a concerning presence of PFAS in numerous bandage brands. Studies revealed that a significant percentage of tested bandages contained detectable levels of organic fluorine, an indicator of PFAS, with high concentrations ranging from 11 ppm to 328 ppm, while some products, including TruColour Bandages, contained no traces.

And particularly troubling, 63% of all bandages that tested positive for PFAS were marketed to People of Color.

“Every day, I see patients from diverse backgrounds, each embarking on their own unique healing journey,” said Dr. Raymond Wurapa, Co-Owner of TruColour. “It’s a constant reminder of the importance of offering safe, healthy care options for all. This recent report raises serious concerns about the safety of everyday products and underscores the need for trustworthy alternatives. It should be a critical standard to avoid ‘forever chemicals’ in the manufacturing of products we apply directly to minor cuts and wounds on our skin.”

TruColour Bandages – PFAS-Free Since the Beginning

From day one, TruColour has consistently prioritized consumer safety by ensuring that all of its products are free from harmful chemicals.

“Our dedication to PFAS-free bandages is not new. We have always been vigilant against their use,” said Duling. “And we call on all brands to match this commitment – one that not only aligns with current health standards, but also demonstrates a proactive approach to consumer health in general. This is especially important in an industry grappling with EPA regulatory changes and increasing public health concerns.”

Ryan Tolbert, Co-Owner, noted: “We started TruColour by challenging the pervasive marketing narrative, advancing instead the idea that healing bandages should reflect a diversity of skin tones. And over the last decade, we’ve transformed that vision into a reality, pioneering products for all people, including an underrepresented demographic: people of color like me, and all those who seek a bandage that matches their skin tone. Our mission has always been clear: to create bandages that are not only fun and innovative but also safe. The findings of this study affirm the importance of our commitment.”

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