Trimlight St. Louis Partners with the Highland Garden Club to Light Up Local Park

ST. LOUIS, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Trimlight St. Louis is pleased to unveil its latest partnership with the Highland Garden Club, aiming to illuminate a local park near the Korte Recreation Center, infusing the community with a sense of vibrancy and warmth.

This collaboration between Trimlight St. Louis and the Highland Garden Club goes beyond simply lighting up public spaces; it seeks to enhance the lives of residents in the community through the transformative power of light. Demonstrating a dedication to community spirit, this partnership seeks to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all members of the community to enjoy.

While the current focus lies on illuminating the park adjacent to the Korte Recreation Center, Trimlight St. Louis encourages both individuals and businesses to consider the installation of Trimlight for their own properties. “Trimlight is not exclusive to the holiday season, but can bring its magic to your outdoor space year-round,” says Dawn Baxter of Trimlight St. Louis.

The technology utilized by Trimlight allows for personalized lighting designs that cater to any occasion or aesthetic preference. Whether one desires to establish a cozy setting for an intimate gathering or a dynamic ambiance for a corporate function, Trimlight offers versatility and sophistication to meet those needs.

Committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in both product quality and community engagement, Trimlight St. Louis exemplifies its dedication through initiatives like the partnership with the Highland Garden Club. By demonstrating continuous support for local projects and endeavors, Trimlight aims to foster a spirit of unity and hometown pride within local communities.

“We invite you to join us by exploring the unlimited possibilities that a Trimlight installation can offer for your own spaces,” Baxter notes. “Through this partnership, Trimlight St. Louis and the Highland Garden Club seek to create a brighter future in the community — one illuminated space at a time.”

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