Timeless Craft Meets Futuristic Artistry: Pratesi Unveils AI-Driven Summer 2024 Campaign

NEW YORK, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pratesi, the revered Italian luxury brand with a 118-year legacy, announces its groundbreaking summer campaign, Casa Pratesi. In a daring fusion of tradition and innovation, Pratesi collaborates with AI visionary Hajar Ali to redefine luxury living.

Casa Pratesi, an AI-driven Italian villa, seamlessly blends artistry and technology. Pratesi’s iconic linens transcend mere utility, becoming integral components of living art. The villa embodies Italian aesthetics, bridging the tangible and virtual realms.

Hajar Ali meticulously programmed the exquisite villa, aligning it with Pratesi’s design language and rich heritage. The linens harmonize with the luxurious ambiance, creating a living canvas.

As Pratesi continues to shape luxury in the 21st century, this collaboration underscores the brand’s commitment to evolution without compromising tradition. The AI-driven campaign celebrates Pratesi’s enduring allure, where craftsmanship and technology converge.

Since 1906, Pratesi has adorned opulent residences and boutique hotels worldwide. Rooted in Florence, the brand epitomizes uncompromising quality and elegance.

Pratesi has continued to enjoy momentum since its relaunch in 2022, the brand has opened a boutique at Harrod’s in London, as well as a new flagship store in Palm Beach at 400 Hibiscus Avenue, and can be found at Bed & Bath, Hong Kong’s premier destination for the finest European linens and at Woods Fine Linens in Harrogate in the United Kingdom. The AI campaign adds another milestone to Pratesi’s storied journey, which began in 1896 when founder Remigio Pratesi wove exquisite linens to win the heart of a village beauty. By 1906, local nobility sought his handcrafted linens, birthing the House of Pratesi.

About Pratesi: Pratesi, founded in 1906 in Florence, Italy, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, iconic elegance, and linens that embody Italian luxury living. Visit their website at www.pratesi.com

About Hajar Ali: Singapore-born artist Hajar Ali, currently based in Dubai, founded “Reverse Orientalism,” the world’s first AI-centric interior and architectural firm. Before this latest incarnation, Hajar explored the world as the first woman to cross the Empty Quarter, the world’s largest sand desert. Her work pushes boundaries, evoking architectural marvels past and future.

Pratesi x Reverse Orientalism Images: https://sferra.box.com/s/2qrk20it4ngzrnbhbou86rnmkck6ue0k

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