The Zaragoza Awards 2024: A Night of Triumph and Cultural Celebration

LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This May, the iconic SC venue in Hollywood hosted the twelfth edition of the Zaragoza Awards. The event, initiated by community leader and lawyer Pedro Ramos, honors the resilience of migrants by drawing parallels between their tenacity and the historical fortitude of General Ignacio Zaragoza during the Battle of Puebla in 1862. W Publishing House exclusively covered the event.

The ceremony began with Alonso García Puentes, the Master of Ceremonies, setting a welcoming tone, followed by an inspiring address from Pedro Ramos. Engaging video presentations throughout the evening deepened the audience’s appreciation of Cinco de Mayo’s cultural and historical significance.

Highlighting Distinguished Awardees

The 2024 Zaragoza Awards recognized notable individuals who have excelled in their professional fields while making profound community contributions:

Beatriz Ricartti, founder and former president of the Extraordinary Women Foundation.
María Galleta, leader of “Mothers and Deported Families in Action” in Tijuana, Mexico.
Jesús Corro López, a key figure in process engineering at TESLA.
Ruby Flores, who made history as the first Latina Deputy Chief in the Los Angeles Police Department, now leading Operations-Valley Bureau.
Olga Méndez, president of Treasures of Mexico.
Arnulfo Díaz, executive director of the Latino Migrants Foundation of California.
Martín Cruz, soccer coach for team Halcones.
Oscar Hernández, president of Caspa Morelos in California.
Deputy Chief Ruby Flores shared her groundbreaking journey to becoming the first Latina Deputy Chief in the LAPD, overseeing the largest command in the department. Her personal story, marked by significant milestones and challenges, deeply moved everyone present.

Cultural Echoes and Enlightening Speeches

The event also highlighted the fusion of American and Mexican cultures, with Agustín Corro López beautifully performing both national anthems, symbolizing the union of these rich heritages. The night featured key discussions by Raul Murillo on immigration complexities and Jaime Lucero on Latino community triumphs and trials. Dr. David Hayes-Bautista enriched these discussions with his insights into Latino experiences in America.

The ceremony didn’t just celebrate personal achievements but also emphasized the collective narrative of strength and unity emblematic of the Mexican-American heritage, which resonates with the spirit of Cinco de Mayo.

The Zaragoza Awards 2024 set a new benchmark for recognizing migrant resilience and achievements, reflecting a modern celebration of historical victory and cultural legacy.

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