The World Needs Don Quixote-Style Writers: “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia” Written by Acclaimed Author Xue Mo Successfully Launched at the 2024 London Book Fair

AURORA, Ill., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — New Fiction titled “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia” written by Xue Mo was launched at the London Book Fair. Xue Mo, the only Chinese writer with a dedicated booth at the fair, was joined by Mengdi Turbutt Cai, President of Paths Publishing Group, and Vivian Ni, core member of the London Reading Club. The three guest speakers engaged in a panel discussion on topics such as “human destiny,” “literary redemption,” “love and wisdom,” “violence and peace,” and the “copyright value of Xue Mo’s works.”

Neyko Genchev, President of Faber Publishers and Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Bulgaria, also dropped by to congratulate Mr. Xue Mo on his new publication. Genchev, who has been following Xue Mo’s work since encountering it at the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), regards “Select Stories by Xue Mo” as his bedside reading. He said that Xue Mo is a rare embodiment of thousands of years of Chinese sages. He believes that the true spirit of Chinese literature can save the world and propel social progress. He expressed eagerness to publish Xue Mo’s works in Bulgaria.

The English edition of “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia” was translated by Professor Fan Pen Li Chen from SUNY-Albany and published by SUNY Press in 2023. Finding “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia” as discovering a treasure, Vivian praised the novel vividly portrays the cruel reality of human suffering and humanity’s relentless pursuit of transcendence, breaking down narrow perceptions and prejudices. Mengdi Turbutt Cai highlighted its unique storytelling, life experiences, and deep emotional impact, making it beloved by both Chinese and international readers.

Xue Mo mentioned that “Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia” was an unexpected outpouring, a unique world that is irreplaceable and magical, similar to Nature itself—chaotic yet magnificent.

Discussing the current state of the publishing industry, Xue Mo questioned why the prosperous book industry has failed to solve issues of regional wars, moral decline, or human anxiety. He pondered the significance of publishing industry to human existence. Xue Mo criticized the industry for stimulating and catering to human desires at the expense of the human wellbeing. He advocated for a change in perspective, suggesting that the world needs “Don Quixote-style” figures, not through force, war, or violence, but through love and wisdom, to light up the world.

Xue Mo, a renowned cultural and literary figure in China, his works has been translated into over 20 languages and released by prominent publishers. In 2022, he was the most take-about figure in international media at the Frankfurt Book Fair. In March 2023, his works were recognized by International organizations, with the English edition of “Into the Desert” winning the “Independent Publisher Award” in the United States.

Media contact:
Ida Liu