The Great Exhale™ Wins Two Silver Awards in the 2023 MUSE Awards

In Season 2 of the Muse Creative Awards, the Black-owned company emerged victorious with awards for their brand refresh, winning for Logos and Brand Identity in the Corporate Identity category.

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Nov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Great Exhale™, a private membership community designed to center Black women, announced that it is a two-time winner in this year’s MUSE Awards. The brand identity project that earned the company this victory was led by its Founder, Lisa Hurley, and created by Rose Reynolds, Creative Director of RoseReynolds & Co.

The MUSE Awards, established by the International Awards Associate, honor creative and design professionals who achieve excellence and demonstrate exceptional creativity.

“More than 10,000 entries were submitted, so it is truly an honor to have been selected. In addition to being an entrepreneur, I am also a career creative with deep experience in the branding and corporate identity space. Winning two MUSE Creative Awards therefore holds special resonance.”

Hurley continued, “As a Black-owned company, we are required to be excellent in all ways. Being recognized by the MUSE Creative Awards speaks to our commitment to serving our community at the highest level as we continue to evolve. I am proud to be a part of a team that can collaborate and execute in a superlative way.”

“This season’s works took the team by surprise with the level of quality they were at. The entrants certainly deserve the recognition for all the efforts they had put in,” Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA elaborated. He continued, “These professionals and creatives demonstrate how those who pursue excellence will always thrive, regardless of the changes their industries go through.”

About The Great Exhale™
Founded by Lisa Hurley, The Great Exhale™ is a private membership community built exclusively to center Black women. It is a soft space designed for Black women around the globe to collectively relax, lay their burdens down…and exhale.

The Great Exhale facilitates this by providing a forum for Black women to:

  • Enjoy community with a supportive sisterhood…
  • Embrace ease and divest from overwork…
  • Liberate themselves from code switching…
  • Be as excellent or as average as they choose…
  • Experience greater psychological safety…
  • Share their stories with like-experienced™ people…
  • Be seen and validated by folks who understand…
  • Live a softer, happier, more fulfilling life…

Members benefit from community support, empowering content, authentic connections, exclusive learning journeys, and more.

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LinkedIn: The Great Exhale


Instagram: @_thegreatexhale_


To learn more, follow Lisa Hurley on social media.

About The Muse Awards
The MUSE Creative Awards, established in 2015 by the International Awards Associate (IAA) as part of the MUSE Awards Program, celebrates and honors excellence and innovation in creative design, advertising, and digital media. IAA was founded with a mission not only to honor and promote but also to redefine benchmarks for recognizing exceptional design and media contributions.

Contact: Latrice Torres

SOURCE The Great Exhale™