“The Capitol Coffee Connection” Podcast Dropped Special Episode with House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday, December 5th

Forthcoming Episodes Spotlight Sen. Bob Casey and Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand on Weekly Interview Show Where Common Ground Meets Elected Officials in Today’s Polarized Political Landscape

NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Marking the formal start of the 2024 election season, The Capitol Coffee Connection podcast produced by Stampede Ventures dropped a special episode featuring Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday, December 5. Since launching in late August, the unique weekly interview show spotlights where common ground meets elected officials in today’s polarized political landscape. It emphasizes the humanity and heart of political leaders across the spectrum, with “no politics, no policy,” and continues to debut new episodes every Tuesday on Acast, Amazon/Audible, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms.

Created and hosted by Liz Hirsh Naftali, The Capitol Coffee Connection offers a refreshing break from partisanship at a time when political polarization seems to dominate every conversation, allowing politicians of all stripes to tell the stories that have shaped their lives and the passions that drive their service to our communities. Humanizing these public figures gives listeners a broader view of each one as a person – often as a spouse or a parent – providing an intimate and transcendent glimpse into the lives of elected officials. No debates, no grandstanding, just a platform to find common ground and embrace our shared humanity.

Show creator and host Liz Hirsh Naftali states, “I believe there has been fatigue in the way people have listened to seated and future politicians, where their stories are focused on partisanship and politics. In The Capitol Coffee Connection, we feature different elected officials uncovering the common threads that bind us all together.” With new episodes debuting every Tuesday, the December 5th show featuring Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi will help kick off the official election season, sharing personal insights into her life that brought her to public service.

Naftali continues, “This podcast leaves partisanship and politics at the door, instead peeling back the layers to uncover the common threads that bind us all together—shared experiences, stories, interests, values, and dreams – the passions that drive their service to our communities and nation.”

The Capitol Coffee Connection lets listeners discover interesting and eye-opening facts about our nation’s leaders. Whether it’s Rep. Maxine Waters’ passion for hip-hop…Rep. Robert Garcia’s experience learning English through comic books as a child…Rep. Ruben Gallego’s early work in a meatpacking factory to pay for his first year at Harvard…Rep. Eric Swalwell’s attendance at 11 different schools before graduating and going on to play Division 1 college soccer…Rep. Katherine Clark’s grandmother, a machinist in World War II who lived to 102…or Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt’s early introduction to Shakespeare in the Park, where he later acted in those same performances… all are fascinating revelations.

The podcast is produced by Stampede Ventures whose podcast slate includes multiple unscripted podcasts including Don’t Worry About It, hosted by best friends Samantha Mollen and Kottie Kreischer; REALLY?!, a show discussing the latest UAPs and other phenomena with comedian Dave Foley and screenwriter Tom Wheeler; and Multiple Talking Women, a satirical sketch comedy half-hour podcast performed by Main Company Groundlings Ariane Price, Lauren Burns, and Lisa Shurga.

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