The BurstIQ LifeGraph® Network to Power the Digital Transformation of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

DENVER, Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BurstIQ announced today that they would be partnering with Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) to support their strategic initiative to modernize their technology infrastructure to better serve Colorado’s homeless population.

The BurstIQ LifeGraph® Network empowers CCH to realize more value from their data so they can achieve their strategic goals and build smart solutions to combat homelessness in Colorado. The Network validates and combines all CCH data into a single source of truth and deploys intelligence for advanced analysis such as predictive analytics. This heightened level of insight will empower CCH to deliver more personalized services to the homeless population they serve.

"The LifeGraph Network allows CCH to make a deeper connection to the data generated by people experiencing homelessness so they can deliver trustworthy personalized engagements to ensure the right people receive the right support resources at the right time," said Rob Lubeck, Chief Growth Officer at BurstIQ. "We are thrilled we can accelerate CCH’s digital transformation and enhance its efforts to prevent homelessness."

"The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless manages numerous complex data systems in its work to provide housing, healthcare, and supportive services to individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in Colorado," said Dave Abernethy, Vice President of Information Systems, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. "The LifeGraph Network from BurstIQ will allow our organization to manage data in a streamlined, HIPAA-compliant manner, thereby ensuring we can better serve the thousands of Coloradans who count on CCH’s services."

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About Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

The mission of the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless is to work collaboratively toward the prevention of homelessness and the creation of lasting solutions for people experiencing and at-risk of homelessness homeless throughout Colorado. The Coalition advocates for and provides a continuum of housing and a variety of services to improve the health, well-being, and stability of those it serves. Since its founding more than 30 years ago, the organization has earned state and national recognition for its integrated healthcare, housing, and service programs. The Coalition’s comprehensive approach addresses the causes of homelessness, as well as the consequences, offering critical assistance to over 20,000 individuals and families each year. Learn more at

About BurstIQ™

BurstIQ fuels trust-first digital strategies with human data. LifeGraphs® take the complexity out of managing sensitive human data, freeing organizations to build trust through hyper-personalized health, work, and life digital experiences. In an era of data abundance, LifeGraphs promote trust between organizations and the individuals providing data through blockchain-powered governance and consent. The LifeGraph Network provides a single source of truth and an intelligent ecosystem, helping businesses gain a deep understanding of the people they serve. Armed with granular insights, they can deliver more value in digital experiences and make an increasingly digital world more human.

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