Sustainable Home and Garage Brand Gear Hugger Unveils New Rust Protection Solution

Non-Toxic Rust Protection Extends the Life of Gear with its Eco-Friendly, Anti-Corrosive Properties

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Gear Hugger, a brand created to preserve your favorite gear and protect the planet, today announces the release of its latest eco-friendly home innovation: Rust Protection. Using a non-toxic, vegetable oil base, Gear Hugger’s Rust Protection provides a sustainable anticorrosive solution crafted from environmentally friendly additives that form a protective layer on metal surfaces and equipment parts, shielding them from corrosion against moisture and penetrating and loosening oxidation adhesions to metal.

While most rust protectors use harmful petroleum for their bases, Gear Hugger’s product consists of a clean formula that excels in rust removal due to its superior penetrability, and prevents further rust from reforming, ensuring prolonged metal life, ultimately aligning with Gear Hugger’s goal of turning throwaway culture into upkeep culture. The Rust Protection is a 100% USDA Certified Bio-Based Product, non-flammable, and free of petroleum, fossil fuels and VOCs, making it safe to use around children and pets. It is currently undergoing consideration by the EPA for the Safer Choice Certification.

“We’re elated to kick off the year by offering consumers another product to green-ify their garages,” said Checo Diaz, founder of Gear Hugger. “The Rust Protection furthers our mission to introduce clean innovations that span the home, garage, outdoors and beyond. This is the perfect way to round out Gear Hugger’s existing product line as the degreaser, lubricant, and rust protector act as a sustainable ‘trifecta’ to clean, lubricate, and protect your gear.”

Gear Hugger Rust Protection joins the brand’s eco-friendly product line, including the award-winning Multi-Purpose Lubricant and Heavy-Duty Degreaser. With an estimated 100,000 barrels of petroleum used daily for lubricants (according to the US Energy Information Administration), the Multi-Purpose Lubricant stands out by providing a plant-based, all-purpose solution that outperforms petroleum-based products with 3x better lubricity. The Heavy-Duty Degreaser boasts a plant- and water-based formula, breaking down grime sustainably without residue on various surfaces, from kitchen appliances to outdoor areas. Unlike traditional degreasers, it utilizes a clean formula with plant-based detergents and bio solvents, leaving a polished and moisturized finish by breaking down insoluble substances at the molecular level.

The launch of Gear Hugger’s newest innovation kicks off an exciting year for the brand after witnessing significant retail expansion in 2023. Last year saw the brand’s debut in notable hardware stores like Lowe’s and True Value, as well as well-known auto retailer, O’Reilly Auto Parts. Gear Hugger also entered nationwide in popular outdoor retailer REI and natural markets like Clark Nutrition, Jimbo’s, and Jensen’s.

Gear Hugger looks to continue its successes and recognitions from the natural products industry, hardware industry, and beyond in 2024. Last year, Gear Hugger’s Multi-Purpose Lubricant won the Mindful Award for Best Overall Home Product, and its Heavy-Duty Degreaser took first place in the Best Natural Living Product category at the Natural Products Expo East NEXTYs. Additionally, the lubricant won a Retailer’s Choice Award at the National Hardware Show, joining only 31 wining products selected from the thousands of brands showcased on the NHS floor.

Gear Hugger products are distributed through UNFI and KeHE. The Rust Protection will be available at major retailers in 2024, including natural stores, Amazon, and with an SRP of $12.89 for an 11 oz. can. The Heavy-Duty Degreaser can be purchased on Amazon and Gear Hugger’s website for $12.89 and REI. The Multi-Purpose Lubricant is available for purchase at regional retailers and on Amazon and in 11 oz. with an SRP of $12.89 and 3 oz. with a 3-pack SRP of $19.99 and 24-pack SRP of $155.00.

About Gear Hugger

Based in Solana Beach, CA, Gear Hugger is on a mission to keep gear in play longer, reduce waste, and help protect the planet. Gear Hugger offers award-winning, plant-powered, non-toxic household products that mend the gap in the market for non-toxic, safe options. The Gear Hugger Multipurpose Lubricant is an all-purpose, eco-friendly, and non-toxic lubricant with 3x the lubricating power than leading petroleum brands. Its Heavy-Duty Degreaser is formulated with a plant- and water-based, non-toxic formula to sustainably break down grime without leaving residue behind. Its newest product, Rust Protection, utilizes a vegetable oil base to provide an eco-friendly, anticorrosive solution that forms a protective layer on metal surfaces. For more information, how-to videos, and tips, please visit

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