StopAntisemitism Exposes Individuals and Groups Espousing Hatred Toward the Jewish People

NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — StopAntisemitism is dedicated to exposing groups and individuals that espouse hatred toward the Jewish people and state, and engage in antisemitic behaviors. Founded in 2018, the grassroots organization was born in response to increasing antisemitic violence and sentiment across the United States.

"Our mission is to call out Jew-hatred and bigotry wherever and whenever it arises," says StopAntisemitism Executive Director, Liora Rez. "With our engaging social media presence and proactive approach, we’re able to call out antisemitic incidents at a moment’s notice and garner quick results." 

According to the FBI’s most recent statistics, Jews continue to be the most targeted minority in the U.S., and antisemitic incidents are on the rise. StopAntisemitism seeks to reverse this trend by holding those responsible fully accountable for their hatred, regardless of their background and/or affiliation.

StopAntisemitism maintains a 24/7 hotline that anyone can use to report antisemitic incidents by calling or texting 877-411-HATE (4283), submitting a form through the group’s website, or sending a message via the group’s multiple social media platforms. Anyone providing information is guaranteed 100% anonymity.

Individuals report antisemitic incidents to StopAntisemitism via its social media platforms, website, or anonymous hotline. Once an incident is reported, StopAntisemitism mobilizes, vetting the details of the situation, and creating a call to action if deemed necessary.

About Liora Rez

A refugee from the former Soviet Union, where antisemitism was rampant, Rez and her family were all too familiar with its dangers. Sadly, in the United States, she encounters disturbingly similar rhetoric and behaviors.

Rez has expanded the organization’s reach to millions of people on a monthly basis. The watchdog’s activism has resulted in the expulsion of antisemitic students, the firing of antisemitic employees, the public embarrassment of antisemitic political activists, and more.

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About StopAntisemitism

StopAntisemitism is a watchdog dedicated to holding anti-Semites accountable, and creating consequences for their actions by exposing them through social media, calls to action, and various partnerships. Founded in 2018, StopAntisemitism has made a critical impact in the fight against Jewish hate and bigotry in America through its proactive and vigilant approach. For more information or to report antisemitic behavior, visit

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