Spruce Up Your Holiday Decoration Storage with These 6 No-Hassle Hacks from Garage Living

TORONTO, Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the holiday season nears its end, the daunting task of packing away decorations looms. Suppose you’re like most people and have a bunch of jingle-jangle-jumbles creating a mess of decorations in the garage, making next year’s unpacking even more challenging. The professionals at Garage Living offer these six tips to avoid getting a lump of clutter coal from Santa.

1. Maximize vertical space with overhead racks.

Make the most of your garage space by installing overhead storage racks. These racks utilize vertical storage, keeping bulky items like artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and lights neatly stashed. This frees up valuable floor space for a smoother daily routine.

2.  Be selective about garage storage.

While the garage is suitable for many decorations, avoid storing fabric-based items, candles, delicate glass ornaments or food-based decorations unless the space is climate-controlled. Sealing in plastic containers and avoiding clear bins for light-sensitive items helps preserve stored decorations’ integrity.

3.  Choose plastic over cardboard.

Opt for sturdy plastic storage bins instead of cardboard boxes. Plastic bins provide better protection, stack more securely and are moisture-resistant. Consider using non-clear containers with labels to prevent color fading for long-lasting holiday ornaments and lights.

4.  Embrace organization with labels.

Simplify the unpacking process next holiday by using color-coded storage containers and ensuring each item is properly labeled. Eliminating guesswork saves time when decorating and keeps the holiday setup stress-free and enjoyable.

5.  Use Near-field communication stickers on bins.

NFC tags are little chips that store data, and sticker versions are available for just a few cents apiece online. You can keep a detailed, itemized list (or photos) of everything in a storage box on a chip and stick it to the outside of your bin. In a few simple additional steps, you can scan your phone over the sticker and see everything inside without ever opening the bin.

6.  Store artificial Christmas trees mindfully.

Store artificial Christmas trees in a proper plastic tree storage bag or bin with wheels for easy transport. Avoid leaving trees uncovered in the garage, as they can accumulate dust over time. Be cautious with white or snow-treated trees, as improper storage conditions may lead to yellowing and a shorter lifespan.

Implement these six tips, and you’ll not only transform your garage space but guarantee a hassle-free and joyous reunion with your decorations next year.

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