Shawn Kilgarlin Spreads the Message of Spirituality with Prayer Card Line

SHREVEPORT, La., March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shawn Kilgarlin represents that rare breed of businesswomen who achieve professional success without sacrificing the truly important things in life: family, care for fellow human beings, and vigorous pursuit of self-improvement and creative expression. Outside of working as a medical devices expert at American Screening LLC, Shawn Kilgarlin devotes much of her time to speaking, painting, and writing, her goal being to share life wisdom, offer advice on dealing with adversity, and inspire people to look inwards. One of her latest projects dedicated to emphasizing and promoting spirituality is a line of laminated prayer cards that come in packs of various sizes.

One of the top sellers in the series is the 75-piece Catholic Holy Card collection, which features masterpieces of Fratelli Bonella’s liturgical artwork on the front and an appropriate prayer on the back. With an exquisite gold accent finish, these beautiful cards are perfect not only for personal use but also as gifts for friends or family members. “Our aim is to cover every occasion, providing a suitable card and prayer for people of all ages,” Shawn Kilgarlin says. “We have individual items as well as pack ranging from three to as many as 100 pieces for those who want to spread the message of hope and spirituality to entire communities. It is hugely rewarding when customers write to tell us that our cards have reached isolated or underprivileged groups, for example, prison inmates or care home residents.”

Despite practicing the Catholic faith, Shawn Kilgarlin is above all a believer in the uplifting power of spirituality, which is a hallmark of every major religion. For this reason, the prayer card line has been conceived as a collection that can cater to every denomination, occasion, and need. For some, the cards may be of great help in difficult times, while others can rely on them while looking to strengthen their faith. As a person dedicated to offering others encouragement, inspiration, and spiritual support, Shawn Kilgarlin has written numerous books dealing with the challenges people encounter in daily life and suggesting ways to overcome them. The prayer card line joins a vast collection of Christian keepsakes that can be found at

Shawn Kilgarlin is a medical devices expert at American Screening LLC – a leading manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic tests and medical supplies to the United States, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. The Shreveport, Louisiana-based company is among the few to be certified under MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program), which conducts rigorous audits of quality management systems to ensure that device manufacturers comply with the regulatory requirements of multiple jurisdictions. Despite her professional commitment, Shawn Kilgarlin considers her true passions to be writing and helping those in need. The mother of four has written many inspirational books (including God’s Love Letters: Overcoming Adversity and Past Tense: 365 Daily Tools for Putting Stress Behind You – For Good) and supports Holy Angels – a charity dedicated to caring for people with disabilities.

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