Sattler College Eliminates Tuition with Entrustment

BOSTON, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As families grapple with the financial burdens of higher education, Sattler College is stepping forward with a solution rooted in gospel concepts of generosity and service to solve student debt before it begins. Sattler is the first privately funded college that accepts no government funding to eliminate tuition for all students with the revolutionary Entrustment Tuition model.

Dedication, Not Debt
Entrustment involves placing trust or confidence in someone by assigning them responsibility, with the expectation that they will handle it with care and integrity. This model grants fully funded tuition to every admitted student, in exchange for an Entrustment Commitment to both kingdom service and financial gratitude. Entrustment emerges as a beacon of opportunity for dedicated students seeking a rigorous Christian education.

Principles of Entrustment
Sattler College’s education model is anchored in sacrificial service and cheerful generosity. The following are principles that guide Entrustment:

#1 Kingdom Service:
Since faith extends beyond merely Christian moral living; entrustment asks students to commit to contributing to the Kingdom of God with their life when they can, and however they can. Sattler students are to pursue service within their home churches, communities, organizations, or businesses. Inspired by service academies, Sattler envisions graduates, unburdened by debt, engaging the world’s problems for the cause of Christ.

#2 Financial Gratitude:
As Sattler students consider the investment made in them through their education, they are encouraged to “Give It Forward,” so that other students can receive the same benefits. As churches, organizations, and individuals benefit from the service of Sattler alumni, they also have the opportunity to show their gratitude by investing in the future of Sattler.

No Strings Attached, Just Trust
Sattler College firmly believes in viewing its students as worthy investments for God’s Kingdom. By entrusting students with this opportunity, the institution is expressing its confidence in them to be cheerful givers according to their means as future bible teachers, writers, doctors, historians, homemakers, computer scientists, business professionals, and more. There are no legal obligations for alumni to donate any specific amount, only to “give what you can, when you can.”

To qualify for Entrustment, applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or certificate program at Sattler College. Notably, since the college does not accept government funding, there is no FAFSA requirement.

How Does Sattler Fund This Initiative?
Entrustment is made possible through the generous contributions of the Sattler donor community and the ongoing commitment of its alumni. This model stands as a testament to the power of collective generosity and the shared vision of a service-oriented and debt-free future for students.

To support Entrustment through donations to the Sattler General Fund, Sattler Entrustment Endowment, or International Living Grant, visit

Join Sattler in Making History
As Entrustment is set to commence in the Spring Semester of 2024, Sattler College invites prospective students and donors to be part of this groundbreaking initiative. Let’s work together to mold a generation that can boldly proclaim, “For God has not given us a spirit of cowardice, but of power, love, and a sound mind” – 2 Timothy 1:7.

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Students can apply to one of the 49 openings for Fall 2024 at

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