Robert J. “Bobby” Jeffries Launches Candidacy for Pennsylvania’s 106th District in the General Assembly

HERSHEY, Pa., Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Robert J. “Bobby” Jeffries has declared his candidacy to represent Pennsylvania’s 106th District in the General Assembly, offering a genuine Republican choice for taxpayers. 

A devoted Dauphin County resident, Bobby graduated from Hershey High School and Millersville University before contributing seven years of leadership to the logistics arm of his family’s Central PA-based health and wellness business.

In 2020, Jeffries authored “America’s Perigon,” featuring a foreword by New York Times Bestseller Roger Stone. Recognizing the need for early support for President Trump’s potential 2024 candidacy, he founded the National Draft Donald J. Trump for President 2024 Committee in 2022. Concurrently, Bobby launched and chairs the non-profit organization Right America, dedicated to championing public policies steering the nation in the right direction. 

Maintaining a commitment to state and local efforts, Bobby actively collaborates with influential grassroots leaders, by organizing and participating in impactful voter registration drives in the 106th district and across the Commonwealth.

Bobby Jeffries’ decision to join the race is driven by a deep concern for Pennsylvania’s current direction and the challenges faced by its hard-working residents. He observes their hardships under the policies implemented by the Democrats in Harrisburg, which he sees as detrimental to the state.

The economic and energy downturn has negatively impacted Pennsylvania, leading to widespread inflation and increased costs for essential goods. Open border policies further heighten safety concerns for taxpayers, with the influx of drugs, crime, and violent criminals into the Commonwealth. Additionally, middle-class parents are deeply troubled by our education system, raising uncertainties about their children’s futures.

According to Jeffries, the uniquely difficult problems we face today cannot be solved by the failed solutions of the past. Pennsylvania residents have endured the consequences of career politicians for too long, where a lack of action, a disregard for the people and self-service have become the norm. Bobby Jeffries aims to change this pattern and bring a fresh perspective to ensure that the needs of the people are prioritized over political agendas.

Jeffries ardently declares, “It’s time for a New Generation of leadership in Harrisburg—true public servants who reflect the spirit of the times and uphold a commitment to extreme competence, complete transparency, and a relentless pursuit of tangible results. Anything less would waste Pennsylvanians’ tax dollars and time.”

Jeffries’ vision for renewal advocates for innovative, Pennsylvania First solutions—policies crafted to unleash the economy, revitalize the energy sector (‘Drill Baby Drill!’), institute universal school choice, establish a parental bill of rights, reinstate law and order, restore election integrity, impose term limits and reduced salaries for state elected officials, and vigorously defend our God-given freedoms, civil liberties, and enduring American values.

Please visit to learn more about Bobby’s platform and his vision to establish a new era of leadership in Harrisburg. 

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