Revolutionizing Commercial Access Management: INOX Introduces Cloud-based Bluetooth Smart Cylindrical Locks

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — INOX, a leading innovator in commercial security solutions, announces the launch of its cutting-edge cloud-based Bluetooth Smart Cylindrical Locks, poised to transform access management for modern offices and commercial facilities.

For decades, cylindrical locks have served as a fundamental component of commercial door security due to their straightforward installation process, robustness, and dependability. Unfortunately, there are inherent difficulties in efficiently managing physical keys in environments characterized by frequent turnover, diverse user roles, and varying levels of permissions. Conventional access control systems often come with steep price tags and ongoing maintenance fees, making them inaccessible for many businesses.

Addressing this demand, INOX introduces its Cloud-based Bluetooth Smart Cylindrical locks, providing a smooth transition towards keyless access management.

Communicating through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Smart Cylindrical includes an integrated RFID reader and a keypad that offers three types of passcodes as well as a Touch-to-Lock feature. The Smart Cylindrical lock meets code compliance for ANSI/BHMA 156.12 and UL 10B/10C with a 3-hour fire rating. It offers advanced functionalities such as onsite or remote locking/unlocking, RFID or passcode credential management, User Identity and Access Management (IAM), Door Position Monitoring and Alerts, as well as Passage and Privacy mode scheduling.

This lock is offered with eight elegant finishes, including CeraMax ceramic coating for added strength and beauty, as well as an available antimicrobial coating for healthcare environments. A mechanical key override allows the lock to function without power.

Unlike legacy hardwired solutions, installation and setup of INOX Smart Cylindrical locks are remarkably simple and efficient. Experienced installers can replace a standard cylindrical lock with an INOX Smart Lock in less than 15 minutes. Initializing the lock, pairing it with a Wi-Fi gateway, and configuring RFID and passcode credentials can also be completed in about 15 minutes. In this way, end-users can gain access to a highly sophisticated and streamlined access management system in less than half an hour.

The INOX cloud-based platform offers scalability and flexibility for future expansion. End-users can effortlessly add and scale up to any number of additional locks, doors, buildings, and users, all seamlessly integrated into the same system and accessible remotely from anywhere.

INOX’s comprehensive range of smart commercial locks, including mortise, interconnected tubular, cylindrical, and outdoor rated reader-controllers, provides a holistic solution for upgrading security and operational efficiency. With multi-credential capabilities and intuitive management through the INOX Smart App, businesses can enhance their access control systems with ease.

“INOX is dedicated to revolutionizing access management for modern commercial spaces,” said Qianyan Cheng, Co-founder and VP at INOX. “Our cloud-based Bluetooth Smart Cylindrical Locks offer a cost-effective, user-friendly solution for businesses seeking enhanced security and operational efficiency.”

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About INOX: INOX is a leading provider of innovative door hardware and security solutions for commercial, residential and hospitality applications. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology, INOX empowers businesses to safeguard their assets and streamline operations.

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