RAARE Woman Collective Welcomes Holly Hartman as Director

Hire Signals Growth for Innovative National Racial Equity Program

LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — RAARE Woman Collective announces the appointment of Holly Hartman as its new Director overseeing the development and growth of the nationally-focused racial equity coaching and education program.

Founded in 2023 by acclaimed global racial equity strategist and advisor, Dr. Nikki Lanier, the RAARE Woman Collective (RAARE = Radical Action Advancing Racial Equity) is a unique and powerful program designed in support of inclined white women around the country wanting to become better racial equity advocates and leaders driving meaningful change in their spheres.

“I am thrilled to bring Holly on board as the new Director of the RAARE Woman Collective,” states Dr. Nikki Lanier, RAARE Founder and CEO of Harper Slade. “We are conducting deeply vital work through RAARE – work which unifies, heals and empowers through crucial conversations and strategic action. Holly understands how to connect with women from diverse backgrounds and given her own deep commitment to advancing racial equity, Holly can engage with our RAARE women on very personal levels. We’re fortunate and excited to have her on board.”

Holly is a dynamic leader who brings to RAARE over two decades of expertise in strategic marketing, sales and community building. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, coach and consultant, she has dedicated her career to fostering connection, growth, and impact. Holly is the co-founder of The WO Network Women Leaders of Louisville, KY, where she has cultivated vibrant communities and empowered women to achieve their goals.

Her passion for social justice and racial equity led Holly to connect with RAARE and its inaugural RAARE Woman Collective’s live event in Louisville last November, where nearly 150 women gathered to engage in vital conversations around racism and ways to become advocates and leaders in forwarding racial equity. Impressed with the organization and unifying approach of RAARE, Holly became an immediate ambassador, offering her time and support to the evolving program. Joining RAARE as its new Director was a natural progression for Holly.

“RAARE takes an incredibly innovative, unique and effective approach to education and supported action around the advancement of racial equity in our lives,” states Hartman. “I’m incredibly excited to join this community of like-minded women dedicated to unifying voices and making a lasting impact in our communities, our country and the world beyond.”

Deeply committed to service and creativity, Hartman has received numerous awards and accolades for her leadership, including the Cydcor Leadership and Excellence Award, the Best Role Model of the Year Leo’s People’s Choice Award, was named a finalist for Community Leader of the Year by 1si Once Award, and nominated for the 2024 Today’s Woman Magazine Most Admired Woman of the Year award in the Community and Sisterhood category, reflecting her commitment to empowering and supporting women in her community.

Erin Hunt Moore, Verdant PR & Marketing


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