Personal Branding Expert Lisa Apolinski: Four Reasons To Use Storytelling Like Jesus In Your Marketing

PHOENIX, June 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — If you are not sharing parables like a famous rabbi from 2,000 years ago, you are missing opportunities to brand yourself as an authority in your industry, says personal branding expert Lisa Apolinski.

“Stories with details that are relevant to your industry are critical to establish authority,” says Apolinski, author of The Greatest Personal Brand Story Ever Told (Indie Books International, 2024).

Apolinski explains that her book is “not about religion or Christianity. It is about the most famous and enduring personal brand story ever told. No matter what your viewpoint might be, almost all agree that we know who Jesus is. Very few people would not know to whom you were referring if you mentioned Jesus.”

From a teaching standpoint, she contents most people in North America and Europe are familiar with the stories of Jesus and the parables he told as well. Her book title is a play on words on the film The Greatest Story Ever Told, a 1965 American epic religious film about the retelling of the Biblical account about Jesus of Nazareth.

Apolinski is the CEO of 3 Dog Write. A certified management consultant (CMC), she teaches business owners how to use their digital content to attract more right-fit clients and experience a positive return on investment in business development.

“Whether fairy tales or tales of our family, the use of stories captures people’s attention,” says Apolinski.

There are four main reasons why stories work so well in marketing:

  • The story highlights a moral in a way that is relatable and memorable.
  • The story uses current references to allow us to put ourselves into the story, thus resonating with us.
  • The story provides details that allow the story to be easily shared.
  • The story unites people with a common purpose.

“A powerful story is a stronger bond than anything else and is a reminder of why a certain path is the one to follow,” says Apolinski. “The bonding agent in the story? That is a tie to our emotions. Emotions can overwhelm logic and tap into our humanity.”

An interesting statistic from the New Testament is that Jesus refers to parables and stories dozens and dozens of times in the gospels of Luke, Mark, and Matthew to convey teachings to his followers. Some of the most powerful universal stories originate in the New Testament. 

“What’s more,” says Apolinski, “by using different scenarios for the parable, Jesus helped ensure the audience related to the stories and could find meaning in at least one. The New Testament is also in story format—these are stories of the life of Jesus told from different viewpoints. That’s why ‘according to” is used in so many of the writings.”

She contends business marketing should use storytelling to make compelling arguments that drive people to use products and services. This thought leadership helps the community want to follow your brand’s purpose and learn more about what you are doing and why.

“The other vital reason Jesus used parables, and why businesses should use them for communicating their brand purpose, is the need for a new mindset. Jesus was relating not only a new societal concept but a brand purpose that went squarely against the grain of the established set of rules governing the community,” states Apolinski.

The biggest obstacle to overcome is the inertia of people sticking to the status quo.

“Even if your brand purpose and your products or services revolutionize the industry, there will be resistance to adopting a new mindset and way of doing things,” says Apolinski. “Storytelling is the catalyst for information that bridges the gap between the status quo and bold moves forward.”

Apolinski has written several books, including Persuade With A Digital Content Story!, which was named one of the top content marketing books in the world. Most recently, she was a co-author of The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever, an Amazon #1 new release. She has been featured in and the New York Times for her expertise in digital storytelling and has been dubbed “America’s Digital Content Futurist.”

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