PermitUsNow Provides Critical Permitting Tips for Houston Property Owners Rebuilding After Devastating Storm

HOUSTON, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PermitUsNow, a leading permitting firm recognized for transforming building permitting processes across Houston, is ready to assist commercial and residential property owners with essential permitting guidance following the recent severe weather. The powerful winds and rain that struck on May 16, 2024, have caused an estimated $5 billion to $7 billion in property damage, impacting areas including downtown Houston and the Heights. With many businesses temporarily closed and power restoration efforts underway, PermitUsNow is on call to support the community in navigating the permitting process.

Drawing from extensive experience in disaster recovery, the PermitUsNow team understands the urgency and frustration that property owners face when starting repairs after a natural disaster like last Thursday’s tornado. Desperate to begin rebuilding, many property owners may overlook the critical step of obtaining the necessary building permits, or, in some cases, contractors may neglect this responsibility. Skipping the permitting process can lead to safety hazards, code enforcement violations known as “red tags”, and complications with insurance claims. For more information on handling insurance claims, visit Insurance Claims Guidelines.

“Our office, located in downtown Houston, witnessed the widespread destruction firsthand. The damage to commercial office buildings, restaurants, trees, cars, and more is overwhelming. Our goal is to be a beacon of light for those in need of permitting assistance to rebuild,” said Helen Callier, president of PermitUsNow.

Top Permitting Tips for Property Owners:

  1. Identify the Correct Permitting Authority: Determine whether your property falls under the jurisdiction of Harris County, the City of Houston, the City of Katy, or Fort Bend County, or others. Contact the relevant authority to ensure you are applying for the correct permits.

  2. Understand the Required Permits: Structural repairs such as fixing fallen, buckled, or cracked walls, blown-out windows, and collapsed roofs require building permits. Check with your local permitting office for a full list of required permits.

  3. Work with Licensed Contractors: Ensure your contractor is licensed and pulls the necessary permits. Verify their credentials through Contractor Verification.

  4. Prepare Necessary Documentation: Gather all required documents, such as the plans, scope of work, construction cost. and contractor details, to streamline the permitting process.

  5. Schedule Inspections: Once permits are obtained, schedule the necessary inspections at key points during the rebuild to ensure compliance with safety standards.

  6. Stay Informed: Keep up with local building codes and regulations to avoid any compliance issues.

  7. Close-out:  Make sure Contractor obtains jurisdiction final inspection on work performed and properly close out project and file documentation as required.

PermitUsNow has activated its toll-free line, 1.844.PERMIT.4, to answer questions and provide tips on obtaining the necessary building permits for both commercial and residential property owners.

We have extensive experience assisting commercial and residential owners with permitting after storms and floods. Answering permitting questions from the communities where we live, work, and play is a core part of our mission,” said Moruf Jimoh, Permitting Manager at PermitUsNow.

Repairing and rebuilding homes and businesses can be a stressful process, and navigating the permitting requirements can be confusing. PermitUsNow encourages property owners to also consult their jurisdiction’s permitting website for additional information on obtaining a permit.

For years, PermitUsNow has supported homeowners and commercial property owners in pulling permits after natural disasters in Houston, along the Gulf Coast, and other regions. Commercial and residential property owners are encouraged to call PermitUsNow for permitting assistance at 1.844.PERMIT.4 or visit

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