Pastor and Former US Senate Candidate Launches “Unfiltered” Podcast

Oklahoma Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, who ran for United States Senate in 2022, is starting a podcast, aimed at integrating faith into the issues of politics and life, which will be broadcast on Facebook, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Apple Music, and other leading streaming platforms. 

TULSA, Okla., Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Former United States Senate candidate, businessman, and Oklahoma based faith leader Jackson Lahmeyer is starting a podcast called “Unfiltered” this week to address the most pressing political and social issues affecting the United States. Many know Lahmeyer for his activism against the unconstitutional COVID-19 lockdown and mandate policies, where his work as a pastor helped over 50,000 people obtain medical exemptions and protections against vaccine mandates.

Lahmeyer also mounted an upstart campaign against career politician James Lankford in the GOP primary elections of 2022 in Oklahoma, raising more individual contributions than any other candidate in the history of Oklahoma to have faced an entrenched politician like Lankford at the ballot box. Now, he aims to continue his activism, through the airwaves and digital media as the midterm elections and 2024 presidential contest approach.

Pastor Lahmeyer was lauded for his raw and unapologetic challenge to Senator Lankford. While “Unfiltered” will continue to showcase his no holds barred style, it will also highlight his humble personality and truly kind approach to everything from politics to faith.

“Being a pastor teaches you a lot about the importance of putting others first and working towards a greater good. In business, you learn to cast away selfishness in order to provide for your employees and take care of the needs of your family. And when you run for public office, it is all about listening and finding solutions that can actually create meaningful change for the American people. I hope to take all of these important life experiences and use them to engage in a dialogue that is extremely worthwhile for everyone involved,” Lahmeyer observed.

Politics, faith, pop-culture, globalization, and patriotism will be just some of the issues Lahmeyer will tackle with “Unfiltered.” In his first month of broadcasting, he is expected to interview elected officials, journalists, political operatives, filmmakers, fellow faith leaders, and everyday citizens who are being targeted by an out-of-control federal government.

To learn more about “Unfiltered” with Jackson Lahmeyer, please contact Kristin Davis at, 212-920-9918.

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