Over 100 Youth Peace March Downtown In Response to Conflict on College Campuses

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As conflicts escalate on college campuses in California and across the United States, a significant peace march is set to take place at the California Capitol. Organized by the youth and young adults of Northern California, the march aims to foster peace and solidarity, countering the recent surge in violence and arrests related to campus protests.

The Peace Walk, hosted by the Northern California Branch of Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL), took place at 10 am Saturday, May 18th, at the West Side of the Capitol Building (1305 10th St, Sacramento), concluding at the Tower Bridge. This event is part of a global movement, with over 126 locations in 77 countries participating in similar marches.

Increasingly, violence has erupted on college campuses as a result of the ongoing protests. Nationwide, over 2,600 students have been arrested, including 12 Berkeley students just last week. Many of the participating youth attending California colleges have witnessed this violence and division on their campuses. They emphasize that despite differing views, there is a common thread uniting everyone – the desire for an end to war and a commitment to peace. The youth of Sacramento, with hand-made signs calling for resolution and peace, are taking a stand to call for the end of war and conflict.

Internationally, thousands have joined peace walk events, including a significant gathering at the Peace Gate of Seoul Olympic Park in South Korea. In last year’s commemoration, HWPL Chairman Lee Man-hee stressed the importance of peace education and collective efforts to create a peaceful legacy for future generations.

The 11th Anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace highlighted the development into the DPCW, advocating principles of democracy, justice, civil liberties, equality, religious freedom, and responsibility. The 12 years of peace-building have seen millions join interreligious dialogues, peace education, and advocacy to national leaders. HWPL invites individuals to engage in mediation efforts, raise awareness, provide education in conflict areas, empower youth and women, and promote civil society participation.

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