Ohio Building Material Supplier Launches Dynamic New Website

CMT Components releases a new website for enhanced customer experience.

SARDINIA, Ohio, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CMT Components, a building material manufacturer in southern Ohio, is celebrating the launch of their new website, giving their customers an updated look online. After rapid growth and numerous transitions over the last 5 years, the website now encapsulates all the products, projects, and methods that CMT Components can offer.

As part of the upgrade, a Colorizer Visualizer tool was added, which shows the different roofing, siding, and trim colors on a building, giving the customer the ability to visualize each color combination. Additionally, full product descriptions were updated to give an accurate representation of the possibilities that customers have.

The website also boasts a 3D Builder tool that can be used to design and customize the building that they want, adding extra features and changing the standard options. Customers can see a 3D rendering of the building they are designing and can quickly submit a quote on their exact design.

“We are excited about our new website,” said Calvin Nissley, CEO. “The tools and projects that we have will help our customers as they decide how they want their structure to look.”

About CMT Components
CMT Components started in 2007 as C&M Truss LLC with trusses as their main product. Since then, they began roll-forming metal and selling metal panels as well as other building materials. Their latest venture has been pole barn kits, a package deal that includes everything a customer needs to build a pole barn. With their 3D Builder tool, a customer can design a pole building exactly how they would like it to work and CMT Components will create the kit for that exact building.

“We do our best to serve our customers,” said Nissley. “As a company, our goal is excellence, and we do that by providing our customers with an online platform where they can see the options and create a dream. Once they contact us, we work hard to make that dream come true.”

For more information, visit their website at cmtcomponents.com.

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