Northwicks Consulting Backs New Movement "Army of Angels"

ROSENBERG, Texas, Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Would you agree that how you treat children says everything about who you are as a person?

Since 2015, Northwick Consulting’s mission has been to create the only organized place for children and young adults to find and fund their purpose – and in late 2020, the funding has begun!

This “dream” facility is not simply an educational facility, it’s a unique environment combined with a purposefully designed culture built to empower youths who are living with mental, physical, and financial disadvantages.

The focus is on younger generations so they can grow in their spiritual wisdom, create generational wealth by following proven financial guidance, as well as, get the necessary training for their physical well-being.

It’s going to be geared towards helping those with mental and physical disabilities. Those who don’t want to just feel independent, but actually be independent.

Spiritually independent.
Physically independent.
Financially independent.

The new, and yet to be created environment, is only in the mind of one person right now, and that’s what brings me to the importance of this article today.

To get the word out about “The Army of Angels”.

Why the Army of Angels?
Why Right Now?

Brandon Northwick was given this crazy idea about a place that could be life-changing for anyone who is constantly getting told: “they can’t do something.”

This was way back in 2013, right after he was saved and began his new walk with Jesus Christ.

Since then, the details have been becoming clear piece-by-piece in Brandon’s mind.

First, was the deadline for Army of Angels.

The answer was, December 31st, 2023.

Second, was the type of facility will the Army of Angels represent.

The answer was a new hybrid, learning center for those who are labeled as disabled, one that will show them how to get closer to their true purpose, as well as, financially back that purpose by earning their first million before they turn eighteen years old.

Third, was the name.

“Army of Angels”

That’s when Northwicks Consulting LLC was born, and ever since then, Brandon has leveraged his company as the catapult for the initial buildout of the “Army of Angels” foundation.

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