Node Nexus Network (NNN) Wins Prestigious TADS Award for AI Innovation

HONG KONG, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Node Nexus Network (NNN), a pioneering force in decentralized cloud computing, announced today its recent victory at the esteemed Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities Awards (TADS). NNN was recognized for its groundbreaking use of the Vogon Distributed Quantum Ledger Database (DQ-LDB) to generate Collective Intelligence across the edge, and in hybrid computing Micro Data Centers worldwide.

“Our mission at NNN is to revolutionize the digital landscape by building a decentralized infrastructure that delivers secure, efficient, and accessible Collective Intelligence to all,” said Sean Brehm, Chairman and CEO of CrowdPoint Technology and Board Member of Node Nexus Network.

Brehm continued: “Stored on a quantum ledger database, you now have the ability to create individual ontologies, how you see the world. That becomes your authentic experience. When it’s combined with the experiences of others through a deterministic process, it becomes Collective Intelligence. At scale, that generates what we call Authentic Intelligence, worldwide.”

At the core of NNN’s vision is deploying Micro Data Centers across 16 global regions, in 251 countries, each serving as a hub for edge and hybrid computing. These centers are not just data storage facilities; they are the foundation of a decentralized network that empowers local communities, enhances internet access, and fosters sustainable development through renewable energy sources.

The TADS Awards, known for celebrating excellence and innovation in tokenized assets and digital securities, evaluated numerous projects across various categories. NNN stood out among the competition, securing its win based on judging criteria that included added value, innovation, future utility, novelty, and governance.

Brehm concluded: “We’ve now created an environment where everyone can bring their data, let it get refined in the cloud, and then turned into the force that powers global economies: Information. And it’s Information in a freely expressed manner that allows each of us to engage in coalitions where we can revolutionize supply chains, change FinTech, augment social media; and most importantly, get each and every one of you paid for being you.”

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