NFEC Leads “Love and Money Month” During the Valentine’s Day Season, Providing Free Financial Wellness Resources to Partners and Families

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) sets aside February as “Love and Money Month” each year – offering American individuals and families a reminder that working toward greater financial wellness is an excellent way to improve relationships and forge strong bonds.

In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, the NFEC takes Love and Money Month as an opportunity to provide suggestions and resources for people to work on their financial health. The organization seeks to increase awareness about the effects of money on all types of interpersonal relationships – from those between parents and children to those between spouses or romantic partners.

To help people work toward greater financial wellness from a relationship perspective, the NFEC offers tips, activities, and conversation starters to support them in various situations. These free resources include guides for people in romantic relationships, adult children with aging parents, and parents with younger children – all developed to help open up conversations about finances so everyone becomes well-prepared to meet the challenges they’re likely to face together.

Money affects every aspect of a person’s life, and relationships are one of the most important areas on which finances have an impact. In any type of relationship, talking about money can be difficult. Taking proactive steps to work together on financial planning and strategy has the potential to strengthen not only one’s financial position, but also one’s interpersonal interactions. Financially healthy individuals are better able to build strong, healthy bonds with their loved ones.

Multiple resources are available through the NFEC’s Love & Money Month campaign. For example, the Cost of Love Life Events guide helps individuals plan for the typical amounts they’ll spend on events at various stages of a love relationship – from first date to marriage. The Talking with Parents about Finances booklet provides tips and strategies for talking with senior parents about their financial futures. And the Family Money Talks guide offers ideas for helping young kids adopt healthy money habits and prepare for self-sufficiency as they mature.

“Love and Money Month offers opportunities for everyone to participate in strengthening their personal finances and relationships,” says Vince Shorb, CEO of the NFEC. “With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, February is a great time to open up conversations about financial wellness.”

The Love and Money Month promotions form one piece of the NFEC’s vision of spreading global financial well-being. The organization reaches its goals by deploying a worldwide cadre of financial wellness advocates and champions to support communities toward economic empowerment. The overall objective is to create a world where everyone is capable to make confident, qualified financial decisions that secure brighter futures.

The National Financial Educators Council, an IACET Accredited Provider and a Certified B Corporation®, mobilizes financial wellness advocates and champions, providing resources and training so they can support communities and work toward improving financial health on a global scale.

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