New Wisconsin Law Prohibits Sale of Unsafe Lighters

WASHINGTON, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — After a fifteen-year effort, the State of Wisconsin finally enacted a new law protecting consumers from the dangers of unsafe and counterfeit lighters. The law – 2023 Wisconsin Act 271– takes effect on July 1, 2024, and bans the sale in Wisconsin of any lighter that fails to comply with national safety standards for lighters and for counterfeit lighters.

As noted by Steven Burkhart, President of the Lighter Association, “For too long, US consumers have faced confusion and risk when unknowingly purchasing unsafe and counterfeit lighters. Personal injuries to consumers and economic harm to US shareholders and employees are among the consequences. The Wisconsin law goes a long way to addressing these issues. We salute Governor Evers and Senator Testin for their far-reaching vision in enacting the unsafe lighter law.”

Among the important requirements of the new law:

  • Limitations on the flame height of lighters
  • Prohibition on spitting, sputtering or flaring of lighters
  • Fixed time for extinction of lighter flame
  • Drop test to ensure lighters are structurally sound
  • Elevated temperature test to ensure that lighter reservoir will not leak or rupture

David Baker, Executive Director of the Lighter Association notes “The Wisconsin unsafe lighter law follows the enactment of the Connecticut unsafe lighter law in 2022. Retailers throughout the country will now need to follow the requirements of ASTM F400 and ASTM F2201 when purchasing lighters for their retail stores. A huge shout out to Fire Chief Jerry Minor of Pittsville, WI who so doggedly pursued this legislation for over 15 years.”

Lighters manufactured and distributed by members of the Lighter Association are authorized products and comply with all ASTM and CPSC standards. Members of the Association include Beacon Power, BIC, Cricket, Tokai International and Zippo. 

For questions about the new law, please contact the Lighter Association.

David H. Baker
Executive Director & General Counsel

(202) 253-4347

SOURCE Lighter Association