New Tongues of Fire Channel for Evangelicals Debuts on YouTube

LONDON, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bishop Veronica Akuabia Anusionwu is proud to announce the launching of her Tongues of Fire channel on YouTube. The channel will serve as a 24/7 prayer line for the world’s Christians to come and pray, Bishop Anusionwu said, and will offer healing prayers, praying in tongues and other Christian activities.

The bishop who already hosts the London-based Breaking the Bounds of Human Infertility TV show on the Faith World YouTube channel, said, "I am very excited about this. Tongues of Fire will allow people to receive help when they need it and listen to the Gospel being preached around the clock. I believe lives will be saved through the teaching and receiving of the Good News."

The idea for the channel came to her during the pandemic and was inspired by God, who asked her to lead her prayer group in a two-year, nonstop intercession prayer for the nations of the world and the families that inhabit them. Anusionwu picked up the story: "Meanwhile I had all these prayer videos on my computer and asked the Lord what I could do with them. He said, ‘Build an online 24/7 TV channel and upload them there.’ So, this is how this vision came about. This is a labour of love and I am so glad God has called me to do this."

About Bishop Veronica Akuabia Anusionwu

Touching lives and bringing healing to the nations of the world is the life mission of Veronica Akuabia Anusionwu who is a coach and founder of The Lord’s Word on Healing Christian Centre. She is also well-known for working with couples who are struggling to conceive. A majority of the couples she has coached are happy parents today; their testimonials can be found at She has authored more than 50 books on fertility, healing, childbirth and relationships.

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