New Series with Harvesting Happiness and Mental Immunity Project Explores Information Warfare, AI, Reality Testing and the Decline of Critical Thinking in Society

Lisa Cypers Kamen and Andy Norman Collaborate on Series Exploring the Scientific Findings on the Mind’s Immune System to Prevent Epidemics of Unreason.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Andy Norman, Pittsburg researcher and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, author of Mental Immunity, and founder of the Mental Immunity Project (MIP) and its research arm The Cognitive Immunology Research Collaborative (CIRCE), joins Lisa Cypers Kamen, applied positive psychology expert, online talk-radio pioneer and host of syndicated podcast and terrestrial radio show Harvesting Happiness (HH), now in its 13th year of broadcasting consciously prepared brain food. Together, they embark on an 18-part series exploring the emerging science of cognitive immunology to defend against fear mongering and other negative contagions that stem from misinformation, disinformation, and infectious mindbugs undermining common sense and critical thinking that affect personal and collective well-being.

Lisa Cypers Kamen will facilitate insightful research-based conversations in the collaborative series with Norman’s MIP and CIRCE expert partners to educate the public on how to grow more resistant to bad ideas. Harvesting Happiness (hyperlink again to HHTR?) will premiere the first of nine shows on Wednesday, January 10, 2024 with nine exclusive More Mental Fitness bonus episodes available only on Medium and Substack.

“The series aims to empower truth-seekers and truth-tellers through rational dialogue, tackling media literacy and AI’s impact on diminishing critical thinking and discernment in society. Without common sense and data-driven discourse, ignorance overshadows reality-tested knowledge, hindering mindful and respectful dialogue,” states Cypers-Kamen.

The Mental Immunity Project and Harvesting Happiness enhance quality of life and productivity by building mental resilience, media intelligence, and critical thinking against misinformation. These skills foster healthy relationships, robust leadership, and advocate fact-checking and urging listeners to reality-test sources to avoid unquestioningly believing everything they encounter. The upcoming series targets improving culture, insights, and breaking free from limiting information habits.

“In today’s constant information cycle, tested truths and alternative facts coexist. Cognitive Immunology offers a means to process information for humanity’s benefit. Sober leadership, modeled by positive example, is vital for every part of societal progression. We must foster curiosity, practice a healthy skepticism and guard against negative information contagions for civilized discourse,” highlights Norman.

Expert guests include globally recognized psychologists and philosophers, cognitive scientists and evolutionary biologists, behavioral economists and information epidemiologists who are working together to deepen our understanding of the science of mental immunity and its impact on the way we think and behave.

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Harvesting Happiness (HH), led by Lisa Cypers Kamen, fosters global happiness and well-being through dynamic presentations, empowering personal and organizational transformation for greater contentment.

The Mental Immunity Project (MIP) fortifies humanity against irrationality through responsible thinking, science and human values.

The Cognitive Immunology Research Collaborative (CIRCE) pioneers misinformation resistance science, mitigating divisive ideologies to support human aspirations.

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