New Poll Finds 70% of Ohioans Support E-Verify Bill

ARLINGTON, Va., April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Seven in 10 Ohioans support a bill that would require businesses with 75 or more employees to use the federal E-Verify system to ensure they hire only legal workers, according to a new poll from Rasmussen Reports and NumbersUSA.

“This E-Verify bill would deter the record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens crossing the southern border from settling in Ohio,” said James Massa, CEO of NumbersUSA. “By shutting off the jobs magnet that draws migrants to seek illegal employment, this bill would protect Ohio’s hard-working citizens and legal immigrants.”

The poll found that 70% of likely Ohio voters — including a staggering 84% of Republicans, 66% of independents, and even 59% of Democrats — believe that the Buckeye State should mandate E-Verify for all employers. Just 9% of Republicans oppose the policy.

“E-Verify is incredibly convenient to use, and thousands of Ohio businesses have already enrolled voluntarily,” said Massa. “Employers simply log in to the online portal and input a few pieces of information from a newly hired employee’s I-9 form, which they’re already required to collect by federal law. The entire system is highly accurate — and clears more than 98% of hires to work either instantly or within 24 hours.”

Business lobbyists are pressuring House Republicans to kill the E-Verify bill. But that could endanger representatives’ political careers, since 61% of Republican voters warn they’d be less likely to re-elect their incumbent representative if he or she opposes mandatory E-Verify.

“As Ohio legislators consider a bill that would increase E-Verify’s use in the state,” said Andrew Good, NumbersUSA’s Director of State Government Relations, “they have a golden opportunity to side with their voters on the nation’s top issue this year.”

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