New Parenting Course Helps Strengthen Family Relationships

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A new parent-child course, based on the best-selling book, “Love Wins: 5 Keys to Strengthen Your Relationships  – A Parent and Child Perspective,” is now available from the father-son team of Avery and Brian Baker.

The one-hour masterclass helps guardians and their children learn how to improve and nurture their closest relationships by better understanding themselves and their loved ones.

“The course hits on universal themes every family experiences,” said Avery and Brian Baker. They created The Avery and Brian Experience in 2018 to help families focus on developing healthy relationships. They speak at school districts, educational organizations like Head Start, and companies like AT&T, American Cancer Society, and UC Davis Health.

“We focus on a parent and child perspective that appeals to the entire family dynamic. In other words, this course is not presented by an academic, or a Ph.D., or licensed therapist, but by a father and his 27-year-old son who share their journey,” said Brian Baker.

Avery and Brian know the importance of maintaining strong, healthy relationships. But in a world driven by constant disruption and distraction, relationships can be severely challenged. Together, they deliver insightful and engaging presentations that inspire, empower and guide families, leaders, and school communities to achieve long-lasting personal and professional relationships. As dynamic motivational speakers, the course is truly a unique approach to relationship empowerment.

Are Your Relationships Thriving?

“As a parent and child, we understand maintaining positive relationships can be hard,” said Avery Baker. “Generational and political differences, the different life stages, external factors, and opposing expectations can cause big conflicts. Couple those with emotions, and you have a recipe for volatility and destructive patterns. Left unchecked, these issues can morph into long-term damage to relationships and alienate you from the people you love most.”

“You can break those patterns,” said Brian Baker. “With a little work and determination, you can change your relationships and forge stronger bonds than ever before. You must ask the hard questions to identify issues. Only then can you move through them productively with sensitivity and empathy.”

This course lays out a realistic, powerful approach that helps parents and children attain a positive, higher ground in their relationships. Participants will get tools to:

  • Create a roadmap for establishing and nurturing healthy relationships
  • Better identify and understand themselves and their emotions
  • Set expectations by saying what you mean and meaning what you say
  • Forge a deeper understanding with family members
  • Build trust in your closest, most valuable relationships

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During this masterclass course, participants will discover crucial insights and information about:

  • Social and emotional intelligence and their impact on relationships
  • How to use open family conversations to build a positive household culture
  • How to build trust, which is the foundational element of every relationship
  • Setting expectations for yourself and your loved ones
  • Resolving conflict effectively

“Join us during our one-hour course as we explain the keys to maintaining more positive relationships with your spouses, family, and friends. It will be part storytelling and part motivation, with insightful, reflective exercises to help you on your journey. What you learn will undoubtedly surprise you,” said Brian Baker.

“We pack real-world, actionable ideas you can start using today to increase the value of your family relationships,” said Avery Baker.

After attending the course, participants will be able to:

  • Increase their self-awareness in parenting
  • Conduct open and honest conversations about family issues
  • Embrace trust-makers and avoid trust-breakers
  • Proactively manage your emotions during difficult life moments
  • Create a positive household culture

This course includes numerous resources participants can use to continue learning and growing.

About Avery and Brian Baker

Avery and Brian Baker are dynamic motivational speakers passionate about building positive relationships.

They have spoken to more than 35,000 people as keynote speakers and workshop leaders at:

  • Corporate Conferences
  • College Faculty Retreats
  • Business Leadership Events
  • Unified School District Events
  • Commencement Ceremonies
  • Fraternity/Sorority Conventions

Avery Baker

Avery is a master at the art of relationship building. He is a graduate of Sacramento State University with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and a minor in communications. He has studied in Sydney, Australia, and interned at the Washington, D.C., public relations firm Kglobal. Avery also has extensive work experience in collegiate athletics and community activism.

Brian Baker

Brian spent over 20 years in Executive Sales Leadership positions with AT&T and Bank of America. He coached and developed management personnel and generated more than 25 million dollars in sales revenue. He is a certified social and emotional intelligence coach, a Train-the-Trainer Facilitator, and a 2015 TEDx presenter. Brian has been honored as a Jr. NBA/WNBA Coach of the Year recipient. Brian is an alumnus of San Francisco State University.

Brian Baker

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