New ExtentWorld LLC Security Features Makes it one of the Safest and Most Affordable Dating Apps

GRANGER, Ind., May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With new video and other security features that detect scammers and a free or one-time lifetime membership of $5.99, ExtentWorld Social & Dating from ExtentWorld LLC is one of the safest and most affordable dating apps on the market today.

Many dating apps use facial recognition security features that can detect fake videos or photos, but scammers can easily get around this feature by simply substituting fake photo IDs. ExtentWorld Dating takes this security measure one step further.

“User safety is our priority. Our new live video security features require users to also use audio. They must read a script while being recorded, making it nearly impossible for fraudsters to claim they’re somebody when they’re not,” said ExtentWorld LLC cofounder and CEO, Hang Dinh.

You must take a 15-second video selfie while reading a random 10-digit numeric sequence script to identify who you are. The audio of your speech must match exactly with your facial movements.

ExtentWorld Social & Dating can also verify a user’s country when they’re using VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network. Since initiating these security features, ExtentWorld Social & Dating has caught and suspended the accounts of fraudsters mostly, from Nigeria.

Before going on a date, users can see and listen to other users through video and audio chat. Users can either sign up for a free basic account with limited features that allows them to send up to two video chat messages a day or a premium account.

For a lifetime $5.99 premium membership account, far lower than its competitors, users can send unlimited messages, boost their profiles at any place, view who likes them, and more.

Dinh is also a professor of computer science at Indiana University and leads a team of other IT professionals, who created the app in 2020.

ExtentWorld Social & Dating is also a social media platform. With it, you can create private and public profiles on the same account. Unlike other social media platforms, ExtentWorld Social & Dating doesn’t rely on ads but on membership fees for revenue.

“So, there’s no fear that your personal data will be shared, used, or sold to advertisers,” said Dinh.

You can also use ExtentWorld LLC to monetize your video meetings.

If you offer online coaching or teaching videos, you can use ExtentWorld to make money by charging a metered minute rate for clients. You can set the rate. ExtentWorld will meter the minutes of the session and will charge the client directly.

You don’t have to invoice or collect the money, saving you time. ExtentWorld will take care of it all by collecting the payment directly from the client and you keep 80 percent of the fee. ExtentWorld LLC will send the money directly to your account.

“Now you can get three great features all in one app,” said Dinh.

ExtentWorld Social & Dating App can be installed at Google Play and the Apple App Store. Alternatively, the dating app doesn’t have to be downloaded onto phones, which is time-consuming and eats up valuable storage space.

Instead, it uses a new application called Progressive Web Apps (PWA) developed by Google, where users can click this link and add it to their phone’s home screen.

According to Google, PWAs can work on any phone, including iPhones, and function like any other app. Also, according to Microsoft, PWAs are safe for users because they use secure HTTPS endpoints and other user security safeguards.

“Because the PWA file is so small, it can open as quickly as a web page and doesn’t take up a lot of storage space on your phone. It’s also automatically updated on your phone whenever the app is updated,” said Dinh.

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Hang Dinh
Cofounder and CEO
ExtentWorld LLC
Granger, IN
Phone: (860) 690-2622

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