New Ebook Concludes that Christ Should Matter to Christians more than the Bible Itself

LAND O LAKES, Fla., March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In his new ebook Grace and Truth: How the Biblical Narrative Affirms that Christ Is Supreme and Parts of the Bible Are Obsolete, Francois Ntone follows the biblical narrative from Adam to Jesus and his apostles, tracking the evolving ideas and beliefs on matters of theology and ethics. Those ideas are shown to change irreversibly in time, pointing to Christ as the one and only true representative of the God of the Bible.

The assumption of biblical inerrancy has been used with the intent of promoting respect for the Bible and providing a fixed standard for Christians to follow. However, it has led many Christians to believe that all biblical utterances are divine and equally relevant, even though perceptions of God’s nature and his moral expectations evolve and are internally debated throughout the narrative. Accordingly, believers feel justified in using biblical material that supports their own agenda, even though such material may violate the teaching of Jesus. That explains, at least in part, many of the questionable acts Christians have engaged in throughout history, including attitudes and behaviors of Christian nationalists in the United States today, and the events of January 6, 2021. Readers of the ebook will clearly see that the teaching of Jesus, according to the Bible itself, supersedes all other biblical pronouncements.

Grace and Truth is written to help Christians and Non-Christians gain a deep understanding of the flow of ideas in the Bible. It also provides a brief history of western Christianity to help readers develop an awareness of the various movements that, over the centuries and all the way to the evangelical movement in the United States, brought a variety of perspectives to the debate on the practice of the Christian faith. It is available at major online bookstores, which can be accessed at the following link:

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The author, Francois Ntone, holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Computational Fluid Dynamics. During his career, he made significant contributions to his field and received, in 2009, a major award for advances in technology related to combustion system design for internal combustion engines. In February 2020, he was the recipient of a Black Engineer of the Year Award in the Principal Investigator category. He has also been a Sunday School teacher for the last two decades. Recently retired, he is now dedicating himself to sharing information about Christ-centered Christianity and is the author of the website/blog

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