New Book “The Unwitting Antichrists: Understanding How Good People Can Be Misled” by Dr. John A. Busch, Ph.D. Now Available

LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In his latest book, “The Unwitting Antichrists: Understanding How Good People Can Be Misled,” author Dr. John A. Busch explores the extremist ideology of cults. All religions produce extremists who think they stand for the pure form of their faith but end up profoundly corrupting that religion. For example, witness the Taliban and the Christian Nationalists. The very nature of authoritarianism, cults, and fascism drive many people to these extremes with no awareness that they have left reality behind. Knowing about these pressures can help some people get out of one of these cults and hopefully keep some others from ever joining.

Cults can develop into fascist movements, often as dangerous to their members as to everyone else. And when a cult turns into a fascist movement for Jesus, it is not only a major threat to democracy; it is no longer Christian despite claims to the contrary. Dr. Busch takes the view that such followers are not inherently evil. Instead, most are good people who do not grasp that they have been misled. Even now, many battles exist to control Southern Baptist congregations between pastors and parishioners influenced by extremist media and power-hungry Christian nationalist leaders.

To defend their extremist ideology, they combine the selective reading of the Bible with misinformation about race, abortion, and LGBTQIA people. Dr. Busch uses the biological and social sciences to counter this misinformation and undermine the hate it generates. Cult members and those who care about them can benefit from understanding the power of cults and fascist movements and the science behind their hatred.

About the Author: Dr. Busch received his Ph.D. in sociology from Indiana University in 1974 and retired from the University of Louisville in 2018. Using the system’s philosophy, he studies the social construction of reality, political economy, racial and gender inequality, the reciprocal influences of self and society, authoritarian disposition, cults, fascism, and religion. He has published in Cybernetica and other journals, edited two books on sociocybernetics, and written Sociocybernetics: A Perspective for Living In Complexity. He has recently turned his attention to authoring books for the general public, of which this is the first.

Imprint: Social Systems Press; The Quick Study Series; Available Now on; Pages 95
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Dr. Busch

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