NanaWall Generation 4 Folding Glass Wall Product Line to be Featured at IBS 2024

NanaWall Generation 4 Folding Glass Walls provide builders and design professionals with a platform consisting of eight different folding systems that meet performance and specification requirements for a wide array of project types.

CORTE MADERA, Calif., Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The culmination of nearly forty years of innovation and engineering, NanaWall Systems’ Generation 4 Folding Glass Wall product line will be on display at NAHB’s 2024 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, from February 27-29th. NanaWall, the pioneer of the opening glass wall category, will be displaying at the IBS Expo in booth #C6325.

Generation 4 provides builders, architects, and design professionals with a platform consisting of eight different folding systems, multiple sill options and the flexibility through customized configurations to make choosing the right system easier. The eight systems include:

  • NW Aluminum 640 & 840 – Offering superior thermal performance and taller heights with the slimmest aluminum profiles available;
  • NW Clad 740 – Slim solid wood profiles on the interior and aluminum profile on the outside;
  • NW Wood 540 – The slimmest solid wood framed folding glass wall from sustainably harvested premium wood;
  • NW Acoustical 645 & 545 – Providing superior acoustical buffering with either aluminum or solid wood profiles;
  • NW Reinforced 647 & 847 – Specifically engineered for mid and high-rise buildings where higher wind load requirements and limits to deflection are needed;

All Generation 4 lines include the following key features:

  • Easy Operation: Smoothest and easiest operation of any folding glass wall available
  • Increased Transparency: Clean aesthetics with the slimmest profiles available and minimal exposed hardware;
  • Flexible Unlimited Width Openings: Floating panel sets can stack either to the left or right with panels inward or outward opening;
  • Uninterrupted Transitions: The only ADA-compliant sill with a water rating and a high heel resistant feature. Five sill options to meet any project requirement;
  • Security & Durablity: Air, water, structural, operating and forced entry tested. Swing door tested to 500,000 and bi-fold panels to 20,000 open/close cycles equal to approximately 27 years of use;
  • Acoustical Privacy: Range of unit STC options from STC 30 up to STC 45.

To learn more about Generation 4, visit us in Las Vegas or read more here.

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