Milestone’s June 29 Premier Military Auction Led by D-Day-Flown American Flag from ‘First Wave’ to Land at Omaha Beach

Featured: German SS general’s uniform, WWII Japanese general’s uniform and USMC Korean War flamethrower from Virginia military museum; engraved WWII Luftwaffe dagger, MacArthur dog tag

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio, June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — American military history, from the Civil War through Vietnam, will be revisited and honored on June 29 at Milestone’s Premier Military Auction, with all forms of remote bidding available in addition to in-person bidding at the gallery. The 700-lot selection is topped by a US Navy D-Day archive whose centerpiece is a 48-star Ensign #10 American Battle Flag flown on LCI-538 during the “first wave” to land at Omaha Beach during the Invasion of Normandy, on June 6, 1944.

A near-sacred symbol of the coordinated effort that became the largest military invasion in history, the iconic flag was retrieved as a souvenir by Motor Machinist’s Mate First Class Frank R Maratea, who was aboard LCI-538 during its landing. Maratea’s archive also includes a WWII US Navy Commission streamer flag, his own Honorable Discharge and military papers; original photographs taken on Omaha Beach and on the deck of LCI-538, ephemera from D-Day Landings 50th Anniversary Reunion (including a photo with then-President Bill Clinton), and more. Unique and highly important, the grouping is estimated at $40,000$60,000.

Several significant items are from the now-closed American Armored Foundation Inc Tank and Ordnance Memorial Museum of Danville, Virginia, including a WWII Nazi German Waffen “named” SS general’s uniform that belonged to Fritz Kraemer, who was tried for war crimes and found guilty. The tunic’s collar tabs signify the rank of a group leader and lieutenant general of Waffen-SS. The outfit consisting of the tunic, breeches, leather boots and gloves is estimated at $20,000$30,000.

Also having museum provenance, a complete “named” uniform grouping of WWII Imperial Japanese Army Lt. General Tatsuji Ogura, who commanded the 127 Division in Manchuria during the final desperate months of WWII, is expected to sell for $8,000$10,000.

Other highlights include:

US Marine Corps M2-A1 flamethrower that is a variant of, and successor to, the model used extensively in the Pacific Theater during WWII. Estimate: $20,000$30,000

1940s 20mm Orlikon MK II “cutaway” cannon with 55-inch barrel, of a type used by both sides for troop instruction during World II. Estimate: $10,000$15,000

German WWII double-engraved Nazi Luftwaffe dagger and hanger with nickel silver crossguard, pommel and scabbard fittings, 1st Model, 1934-’35. Blade engraved on both sides. Estimate: $10,000$15,000

US Army 1st lieutenant’s dog tag of then-future General of the US Army Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964). Circa 1904-1906. Estimate: $5,000$10,000

The auction’s comprehensive range of military antiques includes edged weapons (swords, knives, daggers, katanas, WWII Hitler Youth presentation knife, WWI Model 1918 “knuckle-duster” trench knife with scabbard), headgear including a WWI Imperial German Garde du Corps Prussian helmet and WWII Nazi German “named” Panzer general’s visor hat; a WWII 82nd Airborne uniform grouping with insignia; a WWII combat medic’s uniform grouping with helmet; medals and insignia (including Nazi), photos, flags and much more.

Milestone’s Saturday, June 29, 2024 Premier Military Auction will be held at Milestone’s gallery located at 38198 Willoughby Parkway, Willoughby (suburban Cleveland), OH 44094. Start time: 10 a.m. ET on both days. All forms of bidding will be available, including live via the Internet through Milestone’s own bidding platform, LiveAuctioneers, or Invaluable. For additional information on any item in the auction, call 440-527-8060 or email
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