Michelle J. Lamont’s “Manifesting Miracles” Makes Immediate Splash in Podcast Rankings

DALLAS, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As expected – as manifested by its host – Manifesting Miracles is making an impressive debut among Apple Podcasts, launching last week in the Top 100 downloaded shows amongst thousands in its genre. The latest showpiece in host Michelle J. Lamont‘s mindfulness network empire, her podcast debuted at No. 64 in the spiritual/self-help rankings compiled by industry analytics tracker, Podkite.

In its first five days, the show received 500 downloads.

In addition to popularity in the U.S., Manifesting Miracles is garnering international appeal with listeners in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, India, Spain and the U.K.

“I’m humbled that my episodes are resonating with listeners seeking more abundance in their lives,” Lamont says. “The early response is inspiring. It motivates me more than ever to continue taking my followers on an amazing spiritual journey and leading them to their best possible selves.”

Boosted by the podcast’s momentum, Lamont this weekend will again serve as a keynote speaker at GlamCon. The unique, spiritual manifester and renowned motivational leader will share her dynamic, life-changing message and methods at GlamCon’s 2020 virtual event focusing on African-American women and National Breast Cancer Awareness Week.

In expanding and amplifying her mindfulness message, Lamont recently re-imagined her website – MichelleJLamont.com. Visitors to the site that subscribe to her podcast will get a free copy of Lamont’s e-book, Mobilize Your Manifestation.

The site also features a new portal to streamline the process of booking the sought-after Lamont for public speaking or private coaching.

Manifesting Miracles‘ introduction and 11 inspiring episodes are available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple and all major podcast platforms.

About Michelle J. Lamont
A testament to the power of positivity, Michelle J. Lamont launched her first business at age 8 despite growing up in an orphanage. Developing a relentless spirit and an unwavering belief that she can pray, dream and speak intentions into realities, she survived a bank account of only $250, a clunker of a car and endless nights rolling frozen Domino’s pizza dough to eventually open dog-centric Foxy Paws and transform it into a million-dollar company with 40 employees. With a unique combination of uncanny news judgment and savvy business sense, Lamont later launched her own public relations company and became profitable within 45 days. Though Lamont PR remains the centerpiece of her empire, she has expanded into successful co-careers as a motivational speaker, life coach, mindfulness expert, Manifestation guru and podcast host. Her podcast, Manifesting Miracles, debuted in October 2020 as one of the Top 100 downloaded shows amongst spiritual/self-help. She has also been featured on numerous TV networks, interviewed Oprah Winfrey, was named DFW Women’s “Influence” award winner and has connected her numerous public relations clients with high-profile partnerships on TV networks such as Bravo, WE, Style and Aspire.

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