Mice, Rats, and Squirrels Beware! Morgan’s Repellent Sets New Standard in Safe Rodent Deterrence, Using All-Natural Ingredients

A patent pending, no-kill repellent formula, for both preventive and infestations, perfect for use in homes, barns, gas stations, cannabis grow rooms, warehouses, hardware stores, food processing spaces, recreation vehicle storage, restaurants, grocery stores, apartments, attics, and much more

NEW CENTURY, Kan., Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Family owned and operated Natural Environmental Solutions proudly introduced its flagship product, Morgan’s Repellant – a game-changing rodent repellent designed to deter invading mice, rats, and squirrels ethically and effectively. Morgan’s Repellant is a patent-pending, all-natural, no-kill formula that leverages the power of natural smells and has already demonstrated remarkable success. Recently documented, Morgan’s Repellent safely dispersed 139+ mice from a storage area over the course of just a few days – documented in an efficacy report, found at https://www.MorgansRepellent.com and recorded here in this time-lapsed YouTube 139 mice in 7-days video demonstration.

“Imagine waking up to find your attic or basement overrun by rodents; or worse, discovering chewed wires, torn insulation, and contaminated food supplies,” said Clyde Morgan, Founder. “It’s a property owner’s nightmare. Rodents may be small, but their potential for destruction is enormous. They can compromise the integrity of your home or storage spaces quickly, posing multiple risks to your family, tenants, or business. Everyone knows that using typical rodent poisons and traps are not ideal. That is why we created something different.”

Morgan’s Repellant: A Breakthrough in Pest Control

Morgan’s Repellant is remarkably different in its formulation compared to traditional rodent deterrents. While most products contain 1% to 4% active ingredients by weight, Morgan’s Repellant contains an impressive 25% active ingredients, incorporating six pure constituents in each batch. And it uses absolutely no poisons at all.

Morgan’s Repellent harnesses the power of nature’s own unique scent-deterrents to effectively convince rodents to leave a space and never return – with no killing, and no mess.

  • Three primary scents: G (Garlic), PC (Peppermint/Cinnamon), and Sweet Scent (Combination of PC with Cloves)
  • No useless fillers: Active ingredients make up 25% of the product’s weight.
  • Pumice stones used as scent carriers: An inert ingredient, preserving active component potency.
  • Effective for up to 3 months at a time: Even during peak-cold winter months when pests actively seek indoor shelter.

“We’ve shown how powerful our formula is by filming the results,” said Clyde Morgan. “In just seven days, we removed 139 rodents from a client’s storage space. And one of the most amazing facts is the actual climate involved here. After encountering Morgan’s Repellant, these rodents exited from indoor temperatures averaging 69°F to head-out for the frigid cold – leaving to face temperatures as low as -6°F. And they stayed away for months. That shows just how much rodents dislike the all-natural scents we use. It’s a powerful and humane solution to get rid of rodent infestations.”

Morgan’s Repellant for mice, rats, and squirrels is the latest addition to the Natural Environmental Solutions portfolio of environmentally conscious solutions. With a focus on family values and a history of success, the company continues to lead in the development of cutting-edge products that address critical environmental challenges in ways that really help, rather than just profit. Now available through multiple channels search “Morgans Repellent” on google to locate locally or order on line for store pickup.

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For more information, please view this educational video on the product.

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Founded in 2017, Natural Environmental Solutions is a family-owned business at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for common environmental challenges. The company holds several patents and patent-pending discoveries across various fields, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact with a dedication to eco-friendly pest control alternatives. Learn more at: www.MorgansRepellent.com.

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