Memo-Roc: Providing a Way to Connect to the Past, Reflect on the Present, and Heal Through the Future

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Memo-Roc is changing the way that you can remember your family members and loved ones with memorial tribute videos displayed on their headstones. Their goal is to build upon the traditional sense of having a permanent place for remembering the deceased by showing the world the life of that loved one in a memorable way. After all, watching a memorial tribute video at a person’s eternal resting place provides a way to connect to the past, reflect on the present, and heal through the future.

"Traditional headstones only list basic information about the deceased," says owner Buster O’Donnell. "With Memo-Roc, we aim to do more than that. We believe that these videos are a more meaningful way to remember the life of our loved ones."

Memo-Roc can be top-mounted, face-mounted, or inserted directly into the headstone as it is designed. Top-mounted memorial videos from Memo-Roc are great for headstones with a detailed design, while face-mounted videos are better for headstones without a lot of etching. Memo-Roc memorial videos can also be inserted directly into the headstone during the design process so that etching can be added around the inserted video.

"With Memo-Roc, families have the ability to share special moments and memories of the people that made the biggest impact on them," adds O’Donnell. "Every video that we create and install on a headstone creates a special experience for family and friends of the deceased."

Memo-Roc offers a unique opportunity for headstone dealerships to display headstones with memorial tribute videos in their showroom. For more information about becoming a Memo-Roc dealer, visit their website at

About Memo-Roc

Memo-Roc was created with the goal of celebrating the lives of those who are no longer with us in a new and meaningful way. Every Memo-Roc and its components are manufactured in America with the exception of the screen. These are waterproof, using IP65 technology that contains the same components used globally in marine speakers for pools and waterparks.

Every Memo-Roc is created with care and ultimate respect for the deceased. After placing an order, customers can expect a 10-12 week turnaround. Pictures and videos used can be uploaded after placing the order. Memo-Roc devices are solar-powered through a separately mounted solar panel.

To have a memorial tribute video created and loaded to a Memo-Roc device for your recently deceased loved one, to be installed on the headstone, customers can place an order with their local monument business. To learn more about Memo-Roc devices and how you can have this special memorial tribute video added to a headstone, visit today.

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