MEI Awards Launches “Play Together” Initiative at Hong Kong Design Summit 2024

HONG KONG, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Hong Kong Design Summit 2024, hosted by the Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA), witnessed a groundbreaking moment as MEI Awards unveiled its “Play Together” initiative which converges international organizations, business associations, global B2B purchasers, global B2C retailers, design agencies, universities, and other cross-border resource providers marks a significant milestone in fostering innovation and development in Chinese product design and manufacturing. Through close collaboration and a responsive approach to global market demands, these entities aim to achieve mutual commercial success while promoting the innovative growth of Chinese products. This collective effort underscores a commitment to leveraging cross-sector partnerships for sustainable business growth and global competitiveness.

Amidst a gathering of over a thousand industry luminaries, MEI Awards, a beacon of design excellence, initiated the “Play Together” campaign in collaboration with global partners. This initiative, aimed at fostering cross-sector collaboration in manufacturing, marketing, and design realms, signals a new era of innovation and cooperation in commercial landscape of Chinese manufacturing.

Representatives from MEI Awards, HKDA, and esteemed global partners took the stage to inaugurate the “Play Together” initiative, recognizing the pivotal role of collaboration in driving design innovation. Against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s cultural and commercial convergence, this event underscores the industry’s commitment to harnessing collective creativity for transformative impact. Du Lijun, Chairman of MEI Awards Organizing Committee, emphasized the initiative’s significance in advancing international design branding strategies. By uniting global partners, MEI Awards endeavors to propel Chinese design onto the global stage, positioning it as a catalyst for economic growth and societal progress.

Furthermore, a strategic partnership was announced between MEI Awards and HKDA Global Design Awards (HKDA GDA) , facilitating the integration of mainland China and Hong Kong’s design industries. MEI Awards, will promote HKDA flagship project Global Design Awards winners (GDA) and Hong Kong Designers Association recommended products within their extensive B2B global buyer network,, offering them valuable exposure and opportunities to expand their reach.

This collaboration not only provides a platform for showcasing Chinese design prowess but also fosters cultural exchange and innovation. The “Play Together” initiative welcomes participation from industry stakeholders worldwide, inviting them to join hands in shaping the future of global supply chain. As MEI Awards opens its doors to exceptional talent and creative minds, the global design community anticipates a future defined by collaboration, innovation, and shared success.

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