MEI Awards 2023: Spotlight on China’s Design Excellence

NANJING, China, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the 2023 MEI Awards Ceremony, hosted by, unfolded an array of innovative Chinese products, reflecting a commitment to creating substantial value for global buyers. Among the standout items were portable gas alarms, electric bicycles, smart charging stations, 3D printed razors, palm print payment devices, and rapid heating faucets. With representatives from various Chinese regions and over 150 award-winning companies in attendance, the event aimed to set the standard for the quality and trendsetting appeal of Chinese manufacturing on the global stage.

Now in its 13th year, the MEI Awards received an impressive 7,913 entries, and the jury, chaired by Professor Liu Guanzhong, selected 12 gold awards, 24 silver awards, 3 Best Creative Concept Awards, along with Selected Awards and Corporate Awards. The submissions highlighted a strong emphasis on AI innovation, showcasing China’s prowess in incorporating advanced AI applications across various industries and setting new trends in global manufacturing.

MEI Awards is always committed to selecting high-quality industrial design products that align with global trends and closely meet the needs of buyers. Li Shouqiang from iFLYTEK emphasized the pivotal role of industrial design in enhancing user experience and serving businesses, particularly in the AI era. Zhou Ligang, Chairman of Hangzhou Bole Industrial Design Co., Ltd., stressed the importance of aligning products with global preferences and trends.

MEI Awards, serving as a linchpin in Chinese industrial design, collaborates with organizations nationwide to elevate the appeal of Chinese manufacturing globally. During the ceremony, Li Lei and Cao Rui of Focus Technology Co., Ltd. conducted “Dual-Endpoint Release Ceremony” for award-winning products from HOTATA and Owatch, reinforcing brands and instilling confidence among global buyers. A strategic cooperation agreement between the MEI Awards Committee and the Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA) was announced during the ceremony, facilitating talent and technological exchanges between mainland China and Hong Kong.

To support global expansion, the MEI Awards Committee will actively promote award-winning products at international events, ensuring that Chinese manufacturing continues to set trends and captivate global audiences. The flagship store on, with over 2.65 million views, providing a great platform for global buyers to connect with these award-winning products.

Looking ahead to 2024, the MEI Awards Committee plans to expand its global presence with a buyer-centric approach, featuring “MEI Awards Product Launches” and “MEI Awards Pop-Up Store” at key overseas exhibitions and business districts across Europe. This initiative aims to position Chinese manufacturing as a trendsetter, creating an accessible platform showcasing innovation and value for global buyers.

MEI Awards remains dedicated to public welfare, actively introducing global buyers to exceptional innovative and high-quality Chinese products. By connecting the ambitions of Chinese manufacturing with global recognition, MEI ensures that buyers worldwide recognize the excellence and value inherent in Chinese products.

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