Mad Collaborates with RocknStroll to Launch Motorized Rocking System for Full-Size Strollers

New rocking mechanism serves as the secret formula to solving ongoing parenting challenges

MIAMI, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mad, an end-to-end creative agency, announced today the launch of RocknStroll, a hands-free motorized rocking system for baby strollers and prams that is bringing a new world of possibilities to parents and guardians everywhere. In an innovative partnership, Mad’s talented designers have created a resource that offers a gentle rocking motion without vigorous shaking. RocknStroll’s one-of-a-kind technology is portable, light, and easy to install.

“The necessity of finding a way to help my wife and our precious baby sleep and stay asleep – while ensuring we could eat and rest ourselves – inspired this project. We discovered that the continuous rocking motion, achieved by strolling through the neighborhood with [our daughter] in her stroller in the wee hours of the morning, was the secret formula,” said Daniel Martin, Founder of RocknStroll and Electrical Engineer in R&D at Mad. “Our goal for this project is to help parents who are juggling the ins and outs of having a baby by providing simple and effective tools to help soothe their child and make the most out of their time.”

One of the most significant challenges parents face is balancing childcare while juggling daily necessities like eating and sleeping. With RocknStroll, the stroller rocks back and forth, mimicking a human hand, easing the baby to sleep, and giving parents a chance to complete other essential tasks. Because RocknStroll is portable and easy to assemble, families can reap the benefits anywhere and at any time.

“What began as a passion project for us here at Mad has quickly evolved into a necessary and life-changing solution for parents everywhere,” said Marc Aptakin, CEO of Mad. “We are honored to support our exceptionally inventive and determined designers as they continue to transform ideas into tangible realities.”

RocknStroll is available for purchase at To learn more, please visit and follow @rocknstrollco on Instagram, and Facebook.

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About RocknStroll

RocknStroll was founded to help parents care for their children while still meeting life’s daily demands. This innovative, patented attachment product transforms strollers into gentle rocking sanctuaries, mimicking the soothing motion of human touch to lull little ones to sleep. RocknStroll’s goal is to simplify parenthood by offering tools that reduce stress and create moments of tranquility within the happy chaos of raising children. Join us in making parenthood a smoother, more enjoyable experience with RocknStroll. For more information, please visit

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