Laurel Kitchens Flexible Commercial Leases Help Young Entrepreneurs

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Aspiring young entrepreneurs in the culinary industry now have a game-changing opportunity to bring their business dreams to life with Laurel Kitchens, offering flexible long-term and short-term commercial kitchen leases. Their innovative solution to sourcing food prep and storage rental spaces in the heart of the Los Angeles SoFi Stadium area gives budding restaurant owners, caterers, chefs, and other culinary professionals an affordable place to start.

Private Kitchen Leases to Help Culinary Professionals

Laurel Kitchens’ culinary space rental services give hopeful individuals who are launching ghost restaurants or food delivery establishments access to private, permit-ready kitchens. Tenants can conduct business in the heart of the Los Angeles food scene without building a commercial kitchen from the ground up.

Laurel Kitchens helps lower the initial cost of starting a ghost restaurant and takes the pressure off of the individual business owner by providing food preparation spaces for a fraction of the price. Their kitchens eliminate the need for a costly storefront or seating area; with just a valid business license, entrepreneurs can start cooking professionally in record time.

What Each Laurel Kitchens Unit Includes

The low-risk, high-reward short-term commercial kitchen leases available from Laurel Kitchens facilities include 24/7/365 unlimited access to spaces approved for the preparation and storage of food. The facilities also include:

  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Dry goods storage space
  • Prep, compartment, and hand-washing sinks
  • Easily accessible space to load and unload equipment
  • Multiple kitchen units from 250 to 400 square feet
  • Collection bins for cooking oil
  • 10′ ventilation hoods
  • Grease interceptors
  • Gas and electrical hook-ups
  • Ability to have your own dedicated Internet connection into the kitchen
  • An ANSUL fire protection system
  • Ingress and egress for delivery and pick-up
  • Controlled access
  • On-call manager service

Laurel Kitchens Applications Are Now Open

Entrepreneurs interested in starting ghost restaurant business ventures can choose from several Laurel Kitchen different commercial kitchen leases. Their rental units are suitable for the areas of Inglewood, SoFi Stadium, Hollywood Park, Culvers City, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, El Segundo, and Southern LA on a yearly, monthly, and hourly basis. Tenants can call the business directly for inquiries on tailored lease lengths.

Culinary professionals can’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to launch their business with minimal risk and maximum potential! Interested persons can apply online to receive a private kitchen.

Learn more about how Laurel Kitchens is changing the face of Los Angeles’ food scene and helping entrepreneurs raise their dreams at

About Laurel Kitchens:

Laurel Kitchens is long-term and short-term commercial kitchen lease service providing rented private kitchens to food service businesses in the Los Angeles SoFi Stadium area. Their turnkey permit-ready commercial kitchens are the perfect spot for your food delivery, catering, food prep, or ghost kitchen business. The Laurel Kitchens mission is centered on supporting small businesses and helping them get off the ground. Learn more at

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