La Paz, Mexico Becomes Newest Location for Memorial Reefs International

LA PAZ, Mexico, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Memorial Reefs International announces its third location in Mexico with the opening of the Undersea Memorial Garden in La Paz, Baja California Sur. The inaugural dedication will happen in 2021, making it the third new location for Memorial Reefs International in 2021.

Imagine a Memorial Reef supporting marine life in the spectacular Sea of Cortez— one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Due to this biodiversity and its location on the Gulf of California, La Paz is home to three major Latin American marine biology institutes. Sparkling blue waters welcome visitors to the La Paz Undersea Memorial Garden making it an ideal location for a Destination Funeral. Individuals can take part in warm-weather snorkeling and diving in La Paz following the placement of a customizable Memorial Reef on the sea floor. What’s more, year after year loved ones can return to this spectacular area to celebrate a life and witness a flourishing marine eco-system, as well as enjoy everything La Paz has to offer.

“We have been working for a long time to bring Memorial Reefs International to La Paz, and are delighted to finally be able to announce this new location for our Undersea Memorial Garden,” says S. Berkoff II, MRI Operations Manager. “We have met many families who have precious memories attached to this area, and want to honor those by making it the site of their final resting place.”

The mission at Memorial Reefs International is rehabilitation and protection of the worlds ocean ecosystems through the development and use of ecologically sound artificial reef technology. The concrete used for the Memorial Reef has a pH balance matching the ocean, and the structure contains no rebar. This means a Memorial Reef will last hundreds of years, serving as a home for substantial marine life.

Memorial Reefs International provides individuals a unique final resting place that creates and perpetuates marine reef ecosystems, essential to facilitating fish biomass restoration and coral regeneration. Memorial Reefs International’s Undersea Memorial Gardens are located in areas where natural habitats have been weakened by climate change and human activity. The memorials are specially designed to promote regrowth and revival of marine life. Each Memorial Reef will help to rebuild these habitats.

Dates will be announced soon. Contact Memorial Reefs International to get a head start on planning your Destination Funeral in La Paz, Mexico.

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